Sport: Germany-Echter Last in the Canal Cup

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The Germany-Echter continues to row the competition. At the long-distance cup on the North Ostsee Canal, the parade boat of the German Rowing Association did not get past fourth and last place.

Der Deutschland-Achter wurde auf dem Nord-Ostsee-Kanal Letzter. © Sven Hoppe/dpa The Germany eight was last on the North Ostsee Canal.

The Breiholz ​​competition for the railway high bridge in Rendsburg over a distance of 12.725 kilometers won the USA's boat in 37:35 minutes on Sunday. The Netherlands were second in front of Ukraine, who had loaned the German women's eight. The German boat had a gap of more than a minute and a half of the USA.

For the USA it was the third win in the 22nd channel race. There are 16 victories for Germany. For helmsman Jonas Wiesen, it was "the purest battle of survival to the finish," as he emphasized. «We had more to struggle with ourselves than with our opponents. Ultimately, there was a result that is not representative. » The Germany-Echter had been weakened by replacement.

from the World Cup in the Czech Republic, where the Germans had missed a World Cup final for the first time in 23 years, several athletes had returned with corona infections. Five rowers experienced their eighth premiere at the Canal Cup. “The team that consisted of half a B-achter after the many failures sold properly and made the best of the situation. Despite the result, it was the right decision to start here, »said coach Peter Thiede.

In Iraq, an "archaeological park" sheltering bas-reliefs of 2,700 years .
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