Sport: Althusmann criticizes BUND-LANDER round

and Althusmann are in the sign of the energy price crisis

 and Althusmann are in the sign of the energy price crisis a week before the state election in Lower Saxony, Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) and Vice-Prime Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU), a television duel delivered a television duel in the sign of the current energy and inflation crisis . The top candidates of the SPD and CDU each promoted their own suggestions of an energy price lid in North German Rundfunk (NDR). They represented the opposite views when it comes to continued operation of the Lingen nuclear power plant.

after the federal-state round for the further course in the energy crisis, Lower Saxony's CDU top candidate has had a significant criticism of the Chancellor and his SPD contrasts Stephan Weil. "Even after yesterday's federal-state round, the most urgent questions about the immediate relief of people and medium-sized companies in the announcement mode remain," said Bernd Althusmann, according to a communication that was spread on Wednesday. In this crisis, Stephan Weil, as chairman of the federal-state meeting, would have had to bring the different positions together-together with Federal Chancellor Scholz, the CDU politician criticized.

Merz about BUND-LANDER round: "Eve of the missed opportunities"

 Merz about BUND-LANDER round: The Union blames the Federal Government and Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) for the lack of agreement between the federal and state governments in the financing of relief. In the newspapers of the Funke media group, CDU boss Friedrich Merz spoke of an "evening of the missed opportunities that leaves the citizens unsettled". © Philipp Schulze/dpa Friedrich Merz is the Federal Chairman of the CDU.

Bernd Althusmann, Spitzenkandidat für die Landtagswahl in Niedersachsen. © Philipp Schulze/dpa/archive picture Bernd Althusmann, top candidate for the state election in Lower Saxony.

Lower Saxony has been the Presidential Conference (MPK) since October. "Anyone who expected concrete results and proposed solutions from the MPK under the leadership of the Lower Saxony Prime Minister Weil to cope with the crisis was bitterly disappointed," said Althusmann.

It remains unclear how and when the announced energy price brake should be designed for citizens and medium -sized companies. "Due to the exploding gas and electricity costs, many companies are already out of the end, many families do not know how to pay the extreme costs." In this serious situation, only to describe the problems to describe the problems instead of presenting concrete plans, the seriousness of the situation does not do justice to the approach.

«The traffic light leaves people disappointed. It is about the future of our country and not about the SPD's party political maneuvers shortly before the state election in Lower Saxony. » On Sunday is the state election in the state.

CDU: Membership survey for several candidates .
The CDU has specified its plans for the successor of the outgoing head of state Bernd Althusmann. If several politicians run for the successor, a member survey is planned. This was decided on a so-called circulation decision, as the German Press Agency in Hanover learned. © Michael Kappeler/dpa/archive image The logo of the CDU can be seen. at an extraordinary state committee on November 4, the defeat in the Lower Saxony state election is to be further processed and analyzed.

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