Sport: Report: Lane Kiffin has offer to become one of highest paid in college football

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  Report: Lane Kiffin has offer to become one of highest paid in college football © Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss has reportedly put an offer to Lane Kiffin to make him one of the top ten highest paid coaches in college football.

With increasing attention from SEC West rival Auburn, it seems the Rebels athletic department and its boosters are wanting to keep the third year coach in Oxford with what will definitely be the biggest contract an Ole Miss coach has ever signed.

Media reports out of Jackson from Sports Talk Mississippi tweeted the news first with its afternoon sports radio show diving into the details within the next couple hours.

Now, there’s some implied things in this tweet regarding a possible Auburn offer that may or may not come. It seems there’s some high level negotiations going on at the moment while Ole Miss prepares for a game against Arkansas in about 48 hours from now.

Richard Cross intimated during the afternoon sports radio show it is likely the offer exceeds $9 million per year, which would be a $2 million per year pay bump for Kiffin.

This is what happens when a program has a very successful and relatively young coach, and Ole Miss fans just have to prepare themselves for the possibility of Kiffin one day leaving. Until he does, his name is going to come up in a lot of job openings, and it doesn’t mean the other program is necessarily in a better place or better historically or anything like that - it’s just his agent is open to listening to offers and presenting them to his client.

I think for most Rebel fans out there, if they are sitting in AD Keith Carter’s chair, the fans want to offer Kiffin more than what he’s made in the past and potentially max out whatever the university and boosters could support. It’s a maximum of a four year contract per state law, so there’s a limitation on guaranteed money in the contract. However, all signs point to Ole Miss making a very serious financial commitment to its coach for the future.

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