Sport: "Sturm der Liebe" weekly preview: Markus tries to keep Alexandra with all the means

"Storm of Love": Leon finally leaves the Fürstenhof!

 With love, Leon Thormann simply didn't want to work for Leon Thormann on " Sturm der Liebe ". After arriving in Bichlheim, the former "chocolate" quickly fell in love with his charming competitor Josie Klee. Just stupid that her heart gave away to Paul months ago. Even if Josie came together with Leon for a few weeks - it was never true love.

even in the week from November 21st to 25th there is a lot going on at the Fürstenhof. Markus cannot understand Alexandra's decision and does not want to lose it. Much is still unclear between Vanessa and Carolin. How the storm of love continues this week.

Sturm der Liebe: Christophs Verdacht erhätet sich, dass Markus Alexandra in der Hand hat. © ARD/WDR/Christof Arnold Sturm der Liebe: Christoph's suspicion is that Markus Alexandra has in his hand. Markus fights for Alexandra - by all means

Markus still does not cope with the fact that his wife was leaving him and was happy with Christoph. Since he is so injured and Alexandra wants to bind himself, he sticks to the extortion. But after a conversation with Eleni, he gets brooding and wonders whether this is the best way to get happy with her again. Shortly afterwards he receives a message from Christoph, with which he unknowingly harms himself.

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When there is a dispute between Alexandra and Eleni shortly afterwards, Markus is protecting himself in front of his wife. Alexandra is very grateful for him, but Markus realizes that nothing will change in Alexandra's feelings and she no longer loves him. As long as Christoph is still close to Alexandra, Markus will not have a real chance with her. So Markus forged a plan.

get Carolin and Vanessa their chance?

Vanessa, despite her feelings for Carolin, chose a life with Max. She would like to stick to her old role model of father-mother child. No matter what a passion between her and Carolin. Caroli is faced with Vanessa, although she is deeply sad. When she literally falls in front of her feet while riding, of all things. The two come very close and suddenly the whole pent -up passion is discharged between the two.

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