Sport: World Cup: Facing the Blues on TF1, Bertrand Chameroy undresses in "C à vous"

Balthazar (TF1): This radical TF1 decision will disappoint the fans of Tomer Sisley

 Balthazar (TF1): This radical TF1 decision will disappoint the fans of Tomer Sisley © Thibault Grabherr/TF1 mentioned by Tomer Sisley last April, the end of the Balthazar series (TF1) was finally formalized. We tell you everything. Fans of Balthaza R had a nice surprise yesterday, during the half-time of the France/Poland match of the 2022 World Cup. The chain indeed took advantage of this break in the meeting to broadcast the very first Trailer of season 5 of the series expected in 2023. But an element confirmed what some fans have been dreading for a few months.

Tuesday November 22, 2022, for his daily column in "C à vous", Bertrand Chameroy played everything to attract Viewers on France 5 against the first game of the Blues in the World Cup on TF1.

  Coupe du monde : Face aux Bleus sur TF1, Bertrand Chameroy se déshabille dans © Screen Capture France 5

"So do you really make a live program Babeth?" Launched Bertrand Chameroy , landing in a robe on the set of " C to you Tuesday evening. Faced with the first match Blues during the World Cup on TF1 , the humorist played everything for all to attract the few viewers who remained in front of their television. "You are aware that the Blues play their first World Cup match ? Concretely, we make a program watched by four and a half. Apart from my mother, whom I greet, we are very little. People are opposite, we can do what we want. Patrick feel, there is no worries. If there is one evening when you can afford everything, it is today. I can do the naked chronicle it won't shock anyone. Damn for fucked up, I fall the bathrobe, "he added before getting up from the scene and removing his bathrobe.

UK voters warm to new leader Sunak, but not to his party

  UK voters warm to new leader Sunak, but not to his party LONDON (AP) — Rishi Sunak has been Britain’s prime minister for a month. In the tumultuous world of U.K. politics in 2022, that’s an achievement. Sunak, who took office a month ago Friday on Oct. 25, has steadied the nation after the brief term of predecessor Liz Truss. Britain's first prime minister of color, Sunak has stabilized the economy, reassured allies from Washington to Kyiv and even soothed the European Union after years of sparring between Britain and the bloc. But Sunak’s challenges are just beginning. He is facing a stagnating economy, a cost-of-living crisis – and a Conservative Party that is fractious and increasingly unpopular after 12 years in power.

" I can do the naked column it won't shock anyone "

" yes I know Patrick, that Leave dreamer. This is not the appeal product of the year, but we do what we can, "he explained before an Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine falsely shocked, before starting his usual column." It is filthy this combination ", then launched the host of the program referring to the flesh-colored clothing of her columnist. Because live, obviously, the viewers of France 5 discovered only one Bertrand Chameroy torso- naked. The rest of his body being blurred.

towards the end of his column, teasing, Bertrand Chameroy praised the TF1 viewers who had zapped during the half-time of the match. "I am told that it is the mid- match time! Welcome to all TF1 viewers who join us. Stay with us because the match will not resume by the end of "C to you". We are very good here, there are great guests and above all there is no ad, "he launched.

against the Blues," C to you "resists well

against the entrance Blues against Australia, "C to you" did not deserve Tuesday evening . With 769,000 faithful on average, the rest of the program certainly lost a few feathers but was able to attract 2.9% audience. An honorable score against 12.5 million viewers riveted in front of TF1 to follow the victory of the French team.

“It hurt me”: Laurent Romejko evokes the evictions of Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard .
several weeks after the major changes made within his game of figures and letters, Laurent Romejko returned to Our colleagues from Télé Star on the unexpected departures of those who have been her fellows for more than thirty years, Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard. While the journalist asks him if he is still in contact with his former partners , the Monsieur Météo Unquity confirmed that they spoke "regularly" , before Entrust on their écintes : "What happened to them hurt me .

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