Sport: "He has a railing ...": Jamel Debbouze openly makes fun of the handicap of Dominique Farrugia!

LGBTQ-friendly votes signal progressive shift for Methodists

  LGBTQ-friendly votes signal progressive shift for Methodists The United Methodist Church moved toward becoming more progressive and LGBTQ-affirming during U.S. regional meetings this month that included the election of its second openly gay bishop. Conservatives say the developments will only accelerate their exit from one of the nation’s largest Protestant denominations. Each of the UMC's five U.S. jurisdictions — meeting separately in early November — approved similarly worded measures aspiring to a future of church where “LGBTQIA+ people will be protected, affirmed, and empowered.

© TF1 "He has a railing ...": Jamel Debbouze openly laughs at the handicap of Dominique Farrugia!

Since Monday, November 21, the TF1 strokes have been entitled to a new talk show led by Alain Chabat. Entitled "Le Late with Alain Chabat", this entertainment offers what makes the success of this type of program across the Atlantic with its dose of news, humor, sketches and musical interludes. So inevitably, to offer the best show, the former member of the "draws" chose to invite the fine flower of cinema and hexagonal humor. For his first issue, the actor and director had notably invited Jean Dujardin. But the performance of the Oscar-winning actor did not frankly convince the viewers that evening.

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"Jean Dujardin compared to before, he even became stuck, rigid ... The guy must even fart", "in fact, it is Jean Dujardin who breaks the show. It was funnier at the time of us c us ... "," you just have to listen to the laughter of the public to understand that it is prepared and done on purpose "," a little long anyway ... Limit ego Trip "or a simple" zer ", could be read on social networks during and after the broadcast.

Jamel Debbouze does his

show maybe more comfortable in this kind of exercise, Jamel Debbouze made him Grand Jamel the next day, Tuesday, November 22. While Charlotte Gainsbourg answered questions from Alain Chabat concerning her next project in the cinema and the latter invited his former friend Dominique Farrugia to join them on the set, Mélissa Theuriau's companion released the map of black humor. " So everyone is better treated than me in this program! It has a jingle, it has a railing ... ", he launched causing the hilarity of the public and the guests.

For thirty years, Dominique Farrugia has had a multiple sclerosis and the actor is now forced to move in a wheelchair, hence the installation of a railing on the "Late with Alain Chabat" set.


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Baguette Au Patrimoire de l'Humanité: "It could be in danger", warns the National Confederation of Bakery .
The wand was listed Wednesday as the intangible heritage of humanity. "It must make everyone know that it is a real know-how," explains Dominique Anract who defended and obtained this distinction from UNESCO. © provided by Franceinfo The bread wand "could be in danger", estimates on Wednesday November 30 on Franceinfo Dominique Anract, president of the National Confederation of the French Bakery-Pâtisserie.

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