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Sport: Steelers Injury Report: 3 new players added to the list on Friday

Steelers OC addresses report about lack of trust in Kenny Pickett

  Steelers OC addresses report about lack of trust in Kenny Pickett The Pittsburgh Steelers are understandably trying to take things slow with Kenny Pickett in his rookie season, but the reigns may not be quite as tight as one recent report claimed. © Michael Longo/For USA Today Network / USA TODAY NETWORK Pittsburgh Steelers Kenny Pickett. Longtime Steelers reporter Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was asked in his weekly Q&A this week how often Pickett changes the playcalls he receives from the sideline. Dulac said Pickett does not call many audibles because he “does not have the authority.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are once again trying to get back on the winning track, this time on the road in Indianapolis for Monday Night Football. As the Steelers took the practice field for their second official day of preparation for the Colts, there were three players who did not participate while four were limited. In the second injury report of the week courtesy of the Steelers PR Department, three new names appeared on the list.

  Steelers Injury Report: 3 new players added to the list on Friday © Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  Steelers Injury Report: 3 new players added to the list on Friday © Steelers PR Department

In Sunday’s game, Jaylen Warren played only three offensive snaps before entering his hamstring and being ruled out for the game. In Tuesday’s press conference, Coach Tomlin said Warren‘s hamstring injury wasn’t significant but could still keep him out of the lineup. On Thursday and Friday, Warren was unable to take the practice field.

Five Winners, Three Losers From Steelers Victory Over Colts

  Five Winners, Three Losers From Steelers Victory Over Colts The Pittsburgh Steelers weren't perfect, but made enough big plays to survive. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be riding high back home after downing the Indianapolis Colts 24-17 in a full-team effort. They were not perfect, but survived some adversity to take home a crucial win. As they fight to stay relevant in an ever-narrowing playoff race, the Steelers are making key improvements at the right time.

Another player who was unable to finish last Sunday’s game was center Mason Cole with a foot injury. On Thursday, Cole was unable to practice in his first opportunity. With another chance to get on the practice field on Friday, Cole progressed to be a limited participant.

The third player injured in the Steelers previous game was wide receiver Miles Boykin who was missed in his role as a gunner on special teams. Dealing with an oblique injury, Boykin missed the first official practice of the week. But things are progressing in a positive manner as Boykin returned in a limited fashion on Friday.

After coming back to play in Week 8 after missing multiple games, Ahkello Witherspoon found himself missing another two games with his hamstring injury in Week 10 and Week 11. On both Thursday and Friday, Witherspoon was still unable to practice.

The Team Meeting That Sparked Steelers Turnaround

  The Team Meeting That Sparked Steelers Turnaround The Pittsburgh Steelers laid it all on the table with everyone in the room. PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers spent some time during the bye week to hash everything out. They needed to take a deep breath, but they also needed to take accountability. And so far, it worked. We owe Najee Harris an apology. We also need to think about who was in this meeting and what was said to who. It feels like it's something the Steelers needed all season, but happening when it did was the perfect timing. Now, it's about keeping that mindset throughout the season.

There were three players who did not practice on Thursday that were designated as rest and not being injury related. Those players were Cam Heyward, T.J. Watt, and Larry Ogunjobi. As expected, all three players returned as full participants on Friday.

As for the new names on the list, Connor Heyward did not participate in practice on Friday due to illness. Two other players on the list were Robert Spillane with a back injury and James Daniels with a groin injury as both players were listed as limited participants. What is unclear at this time is if the players began practice fully and suffered an injury during the workout or if it was an injury that had them limited from the very beginning. ultimately Saturday’s injury report will give a better indication as to the extent of the injuries for these two players.

As for the Colts’ injury report, you can see the names below when available.

Is It Over for the Steelers? .
Players, history and performance tell us where the Pittsburgh Steelers stand right now. PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves staring at the worst question you can be asked about an NFL franchise, is this season over? With a 3-7 record and no consistent spark, it's hard to find the light to bring a positive answer to the question. That being said, there's no need to sit around gloomy because the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't Super Bowl Champions. And who knows, maybe they will be. Some players understand why this team has a foundation you can build success off of.

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