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Sport: Winter pulls an

'Relentless' Ukraine Troops See Golden Opportunity in Winter Warfare

  'Relentless' Ukraine Troops See Golden Opportunity in Winter Warfare The coming mud and cold will complicate the fighting for both sides, but Ukrainian troops don't want to delay their counteroffensives."We will fight as long as we have the strength," said commander-in-chief of Ukrainian forces General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi after the recent liberation of the key southern city of Kherson. "Our goal is to liberate all Ukrainian land from Russian occupation. We will not stop on this path under any circumstances.

in Zinnwald The snowfall is still a little long in coming, but winter is already a first response at the comb of the Easter Mountains.

Es wird kalt in Zinnwald. Und trotzdem macht dieses Foto Lust auf noch mehr, oder? © Egbert Kamprath © Egbert Kamprath It gets cold in Zinnwald. And yet this photo makes you want even more, right? © Egbert Kamprath

Frost and fog keeps growing the roe trees on the trees in the Upper Osterzgebirge, so that bizarre ice structure have now been created, for example at the church in Zinnwald. Snow could even be added from Friday. According to

, the temperatures in the Altenberg region should slide into the minus degrees. Rainfall has been announced and would then turn everything into a white winter landscape. Winter athletes can hardly expect that.

The Big Die-Up: How The Winter Of 1887 Changed The U.S. Forever

  The Big Die-Up: How The Winter Of 1887 Changed The U.S. Forever The winter of 1887 didn't change this country because of an invasion or assassination — it changed everything because of greed in the cattle industry.While most storms — even enormously damaging and deadly storms — tend to be isolated moments in history that have subtle and slow-moving effects on society, there are exceptions. One of those exceptions is the blizzards that raked the Midwestern United States in the winter of 1887. An unusually powerful and persistent string of winter storms, these blizzards changed much about American life, shaping the country in ways we're still dealing with today.

in this sense: Sä wishes a beautifully winter second Advent. (Sz)

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Warden of 'celeb' prison found guilty of running a sexual abuse 'club' .
The former warden of a federal women's prison in California where both Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were jailed has been found guilty of running a 'sexual assault club.'

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