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Sport: New ways of mobility: Order bus for Garmisch-Partenkirchen finds

In Mexico, Aztec dig sets new records as royal mystery deepens

  In Mexico, Aztec dig sets new records as royal mystery deepens By David Alire Garcia MEXICO CITY (Reuters) -An extensive cache of Aztec ritual offerings found underneath downtown Mexico City, off the steps of what would have been the empire's holiest shrine, provides new insight into pre-Hispanic religious rites and political propaganda. Sealed in stone boxes five centuries ago at the foot of the temple, the contents of one box found in the exact center of what was a ceremonial circular stage has shattered records for the number of sea offerings from both the Pacific Ocean and off Mexico's Gulf Coast, including more than 165 once-bright-red starfish and upwards of 180 complete corral branches.

Nimmt im Landkreis eine Vorreiterrolle ein: der On-Demand-Bus „Omobi“ in Murnau, der per App bestellt werden kann. © Archive-AM takes on a pioneering role in the district: the on-demand bus "Omobi" in Murnau, which can be ordered by app. New ways of mobility: Order bus for Garmisch-Partenkirchen finds

The Garmisch-Partenkirchen market is looking for solutions to get its traffic problems under control and find new ways of mobility. A building block could be a flexible order bus that works like a collective taxi.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen-the Garmisch-Partenkirchen market groans under the traffic masses-especially on beautiful excursion or winter sports days. There is a need for action - the local politicians agree on this. But how exactly can the sheet metal avalanches, which can bring traffic jams, noise and exhaust gases, be tamed? Concepts and ideas are intended to provide the cross -faction working group mobility, which also includes representatives of the administration and other consultants.

skiing pregnant - is that possible?

 skiing pregnant - is that possible? pregnant women is mostly advised against sports with a fall risk. This also includes skiing. But can the recommendation be so durable? © Benjamin Nolte/DPA-TMN free travel: If you are pregnant on the slopes, you should prefer days with less operation. midwife Julia Heitmann from Garmisch -Partenkirchen has a more differentiated look: she has already looked after many women who grew up with skiing and who wanted to continue to stand on boards with a baby in the stomach.

A promising project was presented in the social and regulatory committee that could reduce private transport and a sensible expansion of local public transport: the creation of an on-demand bus. In contrast to the conventional regular buses, this service does not have a rigid timetable and does not control any permanent stops. Instead, it can be requested individually by telephone or by app. A sophisticated software then calculates the ideal routes and tries to optimally bundle the desired trips - which is effective and environmentally friendly if it works. Because in this way, empty journeys can be avoided.

On-Demand bus: Committee is enthusiastic, the municipal council must decide

The Garmisch-Partenkirchner committee members were enthusiastic-and brought the project to the preliminary consultation. The municipal council must finally give the green light. “With the system very much. This strengthens the local bus, ”said Markus Baur (CSU). "I think it's really good that Garmisch-Partenkirchen gets something like that," said Kathrin Rotter-Heinle (SPD). It is not about creating competition for existing public transport or taxi companies, emphasized Hermann Guggemoos (CSU). Rather, the whole thing should be understood as a supplement. The administration also had a clear recommendation: “It is worth trying. The chances outweigh the risks, ”said building manager Jörg Hahn.

'I Was Friends With Rosa Parks—I Knew a Side of Her Most People Didn't See'

  'I Was Friends With Rosa Parks—I Knew a Side of Her Most People Didn't See' H.H.Leonards writes about her time living and traveling with Rosa Parks, in this exclusive essay.I was privileged to spend the better part of a decade with Mrs. Parks as her "host" at my residence, The O Museum in the Mansion, in Washington, D.C., and as her traveling companion. There was never a day during that time that I didn't learn something about life and resilience from her.

has not yet been spoken about details. A test phase is planned first. In the further negotiations, it should be crucial to what extent and at what times the on-demand bus-mostly minibuses are used. For example, the suggestion was heard to head for the neighboring communities Farchant and Grainau. But as attractive as the offer may be: the bottom line is that despite government funding. And every additional hour, every more kilometer costs more money. "The municipality has to consider: What mobility I would like to enable my citizens," said Dr. Elisabeth Zeitler, mobility manager of the district office, on the way to the local politicians as advice.

On-Demand bus Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Costs will decide

So the financing question for the upcoming budget consultations should play an important role, if not the crucial one. Mobility is important, said second mayor Claudia Zolk (CSB). But you also have to keep an eye on the costs. By the way,

is not new: In Murnau, the on-demand local bus "Omobi" has been doing its rounds since 2020-and is very popular. In the meantime, the neighboring municipalities of Seehausen and Riegsee are connected. The district also has a similar concept for the entire blue country.

Arrival with the public to the ski area: There are threatening to overcrowded buses .
© Thomas Plettenberg this winter must be done without reinforcements: In line 9562, which drives from Schliersee to the Spitzingsee, bottlenecks could occur. Arrival with the public to the ski area: There are threatening to overcrowded Busse The regional traffic Oberbayern GmbH cannot provide amplifiers for trips to the Spitzingsee due to a lack of staff. A setback for the efforts to strengthen public transport.

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