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Sport: Broncos players are reportedly furious that Russell Wilson has his own office and private parking spaces

Adam Schefter Forecasts QB Russell Wilson's Status for Week 15

  Adam Schefter Forecasts QB Russell Wilson's Status for Week 15 Will the Denver Broncos get Russell Wilson back in time to host the Arizona Cardinals? The 3-10 Denver Broncos have been the butt of NFL jokes for most of the 2022 season. The players and coaches have failed to meet expectations, which has led to a sixth consecutive losing season for the franchise.But nobody was laughing at or mocking Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson when the 11th-year veteran showed his athleticism and courage last week vs. the Kansas City Chiefs as he orchestrated a heroic 14-yard rush that left him with a scary-looking concussion.

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Russell Wilson’s first season as a Denver Bronco couldn’t have gone any worse. It began with a loss to his former team—and replacement Geno Smith—in primetime and has only spiraled down from there. On Monday, Broncos' first-year head coach Nathaniel Hacket took the fall, but much of the blame belongs to Wilson, who is 29th out 33 qualified players in total QBR while playing out the first year of a five-year, $243-million-dollar mega deal.

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But that's just the tip of the sh*tberg. As the success on the field has dried up, Wilson’s good-guy veneer has been peeled back. Reports that Wilson had yet to learn the offense and was confusing Broncos players by using old audibles from Seattle soon surfaced. Current teammates were seen screaming at him on the sidelines. Former players such as Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman revealed how unapproachable he was as a teammate, making himself only available via his manager, while Pete Carroll publicly criticized Wilson’s refusal to wear a wristband while in Seattle. Wilson went from GOAT to goat faster than you can say “Dangerwich,” and that was before the latest, and arguably most damning, report:

Broncos Free-Agent Options to Solve Right Tackle Problems

  Broncos Free-Agent Options to Solve Right Tackle Problems The Denver Broncos need to upgrade the offensive line and solve the right tackle issues. It seems that the offensive line gets a lot of attention from Denver Broncos fans, regarding how much the team needs to get better players in the lineup. With the injuries and struggles the Broncos' O-line has had this year, 2022 is no exception.The Broncos are likely to explore free agency to find some help. That may include right tackle, at which there could be some quality players hitting the open market.Here are eight players who have played at least 65% of the offensive snaps this season.

According to Shannon Sharpe, one of the big divides in Denver is the fact that Wilson, a player, has his own private office and private parking spaces (plural) at Broncos HQ.

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Are these normal perks for a star quarterback in the NFL? Judging by the reaction of Sharpe and former pros like Booger McFarland and Andrew Whitworth, hell no it is not.

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So what do the Broncos do with a problem like Russ? Can they really take back the keys to the kingdom now that they’ve willingly handed them over? That’s the $48-million-dollar-a-year question, and the Broncos better find an answer by OTAs or risk another soap-opera season.

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