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Sport: REPORT: Legal Issues Blocking Tyson Fury From Future WWE Appearances

Vince McMahon Not Wanted Back In WWE Despite Return Reports

  Vince McMahon Not Wanted Back In WWE Despite Return Reports Reports in response to the claim Vince McMahon is planning his return to WWE have indicated various employees don't want that to happen.Shortly after those reports started to circulate, others highlighting McMahon probably isn't wanted back in WWE followed. First from Fightful Select (via What Culture). A number of issues were raised by WWE employees approached, one of whom labeled McMahon's continued connection to the current product “exhausting”, while another admitted to fearing for the fates of Superstars Triple H has rehired since the former boss's retirement.

Tyson Fury has been one of the several combat sports stars that the WWE have brought in for marquee matches, having competed at 2019's Crown Jewel and then having a bizarre appearance at this past year's Clash at the Castle. Whilst it seems there have been plans to include Fury in more events in the future, some ongoing legal matters present a challenge for those to come to fruition.

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Tyson Fury Reportedly Banned From Entering USA

From recent reports, it appears that it isn't money or booking that has put a roadblock in WWE's plans to use Tyson Fury, but rather, the US courts. According to The US Sun, WWE had been eyeing Fury for appearances at both next month's Royal Rumble and WrestleMania in April. Per the reports, Fury is currently being denied entry into the United States due to links with suspected Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan.

Potential Spoilers For Next Two Episodes Of WWE SmackDown

  Potential Spoilers For Next Two Episodes Of WWE SmackDown With WWE getting two episodes of "SmackDown" done at tonight's tapings, spoilers have leaked out about what might be in the plans for each show.With the Christmas holiday approaching though, the crowd in attendance at the Allstate Arena will get a double dose of "SmackDown" programming; next week's episode will be pre-taped tonight as well before its December 23 airing on Fox. According to Fightful Select, WWE has some special plans in store for these next two shows.

Kinahan co-founded MTK Global, the boxing management company that backed Fury in 2018, but the company had cut ties with Kinahan in 2017. Fury is among 600 names linked to Kinahan that are banned from the US, with the US Treasury having imposed sanctions on Kinahan, on top of the US Department of State offering $5 million to anyone with information that would lead to the arrest and/or conviction of three members of the Kinahan family.

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WWE Still Looking To Bring Fury In Again

The US Sun spoke to a source within WWE who shed light on how the promotion are moving forward with Fury. 'Tyson is well-loved at the WWE and him popping up in any match and a run to WrestleMania would generate huge headlines and fan interest,' the insider shared. 'Tyson and the legal team are getting this whole grey and tricky area resolved. But non-entry, quite simply put, means non-payment...turning up for a match or being part of the shows, not even fighting, earns him several million dollars.'

Athena Opens Up About Her WWE Release

  Athena Opens Up About Her WWE Release AEW star Athena appeared on "Talk Is Jericho," detailing the last few years she spent in WWE and the lead-up to her release.After struggling to get on the same page with WWE regarding character and creative decisions, Athena tore her Achilles in 2019 and wound up on the shelf for some time. The AEW star shared her belief that, after coming back from the injury, both she and WWE were unhappy with the overall situation, though Paul "Triple H" Levesque worked to smooth things over.

The inside source also noted that 'WWE works with foreign athletes all the time in aiding their visa processing' and the promotion's 'legal team are on the sidelines offering support in this matter, but ultimately getting approval is on Tyson's head and how US immigration assesses his case.' The source does also point out that Fury still has the potential to appear in WWE's shows outside the US. His debut match came in Saudi Arabia, and his last appearance in the UK, meaning that he very well could appear next at one of WWE's international supershows.

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