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Sport: Lane, big family of Angevin rock

Details announced for David McAtee's public wake, funeral in Louisville

  Details announced for David McAtee's public wake, funeral in Louisville David McAtee was known in the Russell neighborhood for his barbecue stand, YaYa's BBQ. His death has sparked outrage amid nationwide protests.McAtee, 53, was shot to death while Louisville Metro Police officers and National Guard troops were breaking up a crowd in the parking lot of the Dino's Food Mart at West Broadway and 26th Street as protests over the death of Breonna Taylor swelled. Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville police in her apartment in March.

Lane (Love and Noise Experiment) ou la rencontre de plusieurs générations. © François Poulain Lane (Love and Noise Experiment) or the meeting of several generations.

The group that is expanding the heritage of the Thugs cults with panache crosses a family history. His second album is exciting.

Lane brings together Daria’s two brothers, two brothers from the cult Angevin group Les Thugs, and the son of one of them, Félix Sourice. “Basically, I'm a drummer, says the young man. Two and a half years ago, I bought myself a guitar with my summer pay. I was still living with my parents. Obviously, I played in the living room with my father. "

The living room is good, but a bit quiet. The father, Pierre-Yves Sourice , bassist by trade, brings together Camille and Étienne Belin (drums and guitar). It remained to find someone at the microphone.

Lizzo shuts down body-shamers in epic TikTok video, plus more news

  Lizzo shuts down body-shamers in epic TikTok video, plus more news Lizzo shuts down body-shamers in epic TikTok video, plus more news

Powerful and sensitive

"My father has only one singer in his life, his brother Éric. He was the voice (and one of the guitars) of the Thugs, the only French group signed to Sub Pop, the iconic American label of grunge. Eric left Angers to take care of an artists' residence in a small town in Nièvre, but he cannot resist the family call.

Especially since a new French scene (Lysistrata, Psychotic Monks…) is currently reviving the edgy and generous musical spirit born in the late 1980s: “Brutal but empathetic music, with in the end a very peaceful message ", sums up Félix. Lane (Love and Noise Experiment, which we translate as Love and Noise Experience) adds pop melodies.

A debut album released last year, tinkered with in the rehearsal studio, was compelling. There was part of the Thugs heritage, more melodious. The new Pictures of a Century takes it to the next level, in terms of composition, sound and even song. "My brother Camille is an English teacher, underlines Étienne Belin. He helps Eric polish his texts ... and his accent.

Lane Kiffin shares how Ole Miss has fallen behind amid pandemic

  Lane Kiffin shares how Ole Miss has fallen behind amid pandemic The fact that players have not been allowed on campus or at practice has left players and coaches unfamiliar with each other, and Kiffin cited that as a huge issue.Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss Rebels are dealing with those issues and then some. As a first-year coach, Kiffin has a lot of work to do getting to know his players and what makes them tick.

The sometimes elliptical texts of Pictures of a Century embrace the evils of the time. But the father of a young girl also multiplies the references to childhood and the family, in a beautiful and elegant boucan of six strings.

"Managing three guitars is complicated, recognizes Etienne. The risk is to make a lot of noise for nothing. You have to play in stages, not always all at the same time. To give back this power and this sensitivity, producer Michel Toledo did an exceptional job.

Except the voices, everything was played live in the studio. Félix had to wrestle to get to the level of experienced guitarists.

He is the one who experiences the postponement of the tour the least well because of Covid-19. Especially since the group has no desire to play in front of a distanced and masked audience "I take a little expensive, but the guys cheer me up " , he breathes. Love, before you can make noise again.

Pictures of a Century, Vicious Circle / L’Autre Distribution, thirteen titles.

George Floyd case: Transcripts of body-camera videos show Chauvin's response .
As George Floyd told Minneapolis police officers that he couldn't breathe more than 20 times in the moments before he died, the officer who pressed his knee against Floyd's neck dismissed his pleas, saying "it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk," according to transcripts of body camera video recordings made public Wednesday."You're going to kill me, man," Floyd said, according to a transcript of former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane’s body camera. Lane was one of three officers at the scene with former Officer Derek Chauvin on May 25 when Chauvin restrained Floyd during an arrest by putting his neck to his neck for nearly eight minutes.

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