Sport: Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic are officially breaking up

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Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic are officially breaking up© Getty Images Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic are officially breaking up ESPN's famous Mikes are splitting up.

Mike Greenberg will begin a new morning show on January 1, 2018, the network announced on Tuesday. According to the network, the show will feature "several" full-time co-hosts, guests and contributors. It will air from 7-10 am ET on ESPN - a spot currently held by SportsCenter - and then re-air on ESPN2 at 10 am ET.

Reports of Mike and Mike splitting up have been circulating for months. The two have been together since Greenberg first filled in as a co-host on Golic's ESPN radio show in 1998.

"One of the many benefits of working at ESPN is that change and evolution are in our DNA," said Greenberg in a statement released by the network. "My run with Golic has been an incredible experience that I'll always treasure, but having the chance to engage multiple voices every morning in a dialogue on each day's sports stories will be a great new challenge."

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Mike Golic will be co-hosting a new morning drive show on ESPN Radio with Trey Wingo that will air from 6-10 am ET "later this fall", according to the network. It will be simulcast at first on ESPN2 and later on ESPNU when the lineup changes are finalized. His son, Mike Golic Jr., will also join the show from the 6-7 am EST hour each day.

The new roles for Mike & Mike come at a time of a lot of changes at the network including Sage Steele returning to host 7 a.m. SportsCenter and a re-launch of E:60 and Outside the Lines. It also comes after massive layoffs at the company earlier this month.

"With Mike & Mike ending later this year, I am looking forward to the opportunity to begin the next chapter of the ESPN morning show with Trey and my son Mike," Golic said in a statement. "Both men will bring new and interesting voices to our morning conversations and help to create a fresh fun show for our audience. I appreciate the loyalty of those who have started their mornings with us over the years and hope they continue to do so for years to come."

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In 2016, Mike & Mike made a number of changes in an attempt to freshen up the show, including an updated set which allowed for an introduction of more social media elements and easier-to-call up video features.

The two have been together for nearly 19 years, since Greenberg first joined Golic on air on as a substitute host ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago.

"I accepted the job with the agreement that I would continue to anchor SportsCenter and I was anchoring 100 SportsCenters a year for the first 11 years we were doing Mike and Mike," Greenberg told For The Win in 2015. "The primary reason I accepted it because I thought maybe the executives at ESPN would hear my work on the radio and like it and it would serve me well in my goal to get a higher-profile position on TV at ESPN."

In 2000, the Mike and Mike in the Morning show debuted on ESPN Radio and in 2004 the duo made their debut on ESPN News. They quickly became one of the most popular shows on ESPN and skyrocketed their profiles possibly far beyond what Greenberg expected.

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Their first conversation, they remembered in 2015, consisted of Greenberg mocking Golic about his weight.

"As he puts it he thought I was either going to laugh at him or punch him - one of the two," Golic told For The Win in 2015, "and I'm pretty self-deprecating, so I laughed."

Golic said he called his wife, Christine, at the break of that first show and she immediately noted that the duo had chemistry.

In a statement released from ESPN, Wingo seemed to hint that he hoped his partnership with Golic could last as long as the Mikes did. Or at least have some sort of the same success.

"We're all looking for someone to grow old with…and I look forward to doing that with Golic," he said. "On a more serious note, I'm looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead and keeping ESPN radio the place to be in the morning for an entertaining start to your sports day."

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