Sport: Cranes defy winter in Saxony

Extremism: AfD Saxony is now a suspected case for the protection of the constitution

 Extremism: AfD Saxony is now a suspected case for the protection of the constitution According to information from the German press agency, the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) in Saxony is now listing the AfD as a suspected case. The "Bild" had previously reported on it. This means that the party could be monitored by intelligence means, such as telephone monitoring or the use of undercover agents. There was no confirmation by the state office on Monday.

Despite the sometimes freezing cold, cranes have overwintered in the Upper Lusatian Heide and Pond Landscape Biosphere Reserve this year. The management of the reserve attributed this to the food supply on Tuesday. Numerous farms have been won over to postpone the upheaval to hundreds of hectares of maize stubble, fallow land and wild bee fields into spring. "Now around 500 cranes, almost 1000 whooper swans, more than a thousand gray, white-fronted and bean geese as well as thousands of finches found enough food to get through this winter," it said.

Kraniche sind auf einem eingeschneiten Acker auf Futtersuche. © Bernd Wüstneck / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa / Symbolbild Cranes are looking for food in a snow-covered field.

“While most of the birds are winter guests from Northeast Europe, there are many breeding birds among the cranes,” the biosphere reserve said. About 100 pairs of cranes would breed in the reserve area alone.

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Numerous species of ladybirds endangered in Saxony .
The ladybird is considered a lucky charm, but many of its species have become rare in Saxony. In the Free State, 70 species of ladybirds belong to the native fauna. One, the fir dwarf ladybug, has already died out, as the State Office for the Environment announced on Thursday. 20 further species are classified as endangered in the red list published for the first time for Saxony, a further 12 species are on the so-called pre-warning list. © Ariel Schalit / AP / dpa A ladybug sits on a rock.

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