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Sport: to Bohlen-Off: Like Oliver Pocher thinks about his own career

Dieter Bohlen: Will he still be paid by RTL until 2022?

 Dieter Bohlen: Will he still be paid by RTL until 2022? Nobody would have expected this message! For almost 20 years, Dieter Bohlen (67) has been an integral part of the popular casting show " Germany is looking for the superstar ". However, this should soon be over, as RTL announced in a press release on March 11th! © Getty Images gettyimages-456791838.jpg Dieter Bohlen stops with DSDS and with "Supertalent". In the video above you can see how the transmitter explains itself.

Oliver Pocher (43) has long since developed to a fixed size in the German TV landscape, similar to Dieter Bohlen (67). But after the surprising for planks at 'Supertalent' and 'DSDS' nothing seems safe. No reason to become nervous, Oliver Pocher calms.

Oliver und Amira Pocher © Provided by cover media Oliver and Amira Pocher

The Pochers talk about the future

in their podcast 'The Pochers here' go Oliver and his wife Amira (28) on the shock message. After talking about Dieter Bohlen, Amira asked her husband: "Do not you're afraid that it can then meet one yourself? Are not moments where you think, Krass, it can say someone today, we can say someone today Do not a buck on you? "

Sylvie Meis: Will she follow in Bohlen's footsteps?

 Sylvie Meis: Will she follow in Bohlen's footsteps? Pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen (67) has shaped the RTL formats " Deutschland sucht den Superstar " and " Das Supertalent " for almost two decades. DSDS in particular is inconceivable for a lot without the show giant. But now the station is ending the Bohlen era: From 2022, the now 67-year-old will in all probability no longer be there after . © Franziska Krug / Getty Images Sylvie Meis and Dieter Bohlen You can find out more about Dieter Bohlen's DSDS in the video above.

Oliver was clarified: "You're always as good as your last quota. That's always the case," he said in terms of unpredictability of his industry. "In the media industry, arbitrariness or the personal taste of decision-makers is also crucial." Fast decision-makers and their tastes could change, and suddenly popular stars are no longer announced, explained Oliver.

Oliver Pocher has no fear of changes

"But if any of them would come at RTL and says, Okay, thank you Oli, was nice, we're doing something else now, then of course I would not clap your hands now and say horny," Held the Comedian. But today there are so many other ways to realize new projects, he emphasized and counted YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and other streaming services. He would like to work on with RTL, but could certainly find other ways. The most important thing for him: "I do not live from fear." And so Oliver Pocher ensures itself as little as Dieter Bohlen.

Christina Air + Oliver Pocher: "Let's Dance" star reacts to spicy rumors .
has fallen in love with "Let's Dance" star Christina Air in her then dance partner Oliver Pocher? The dancer has a clear opinion. © Getty Images Christina Air, Oliver Pocher Christina Air , 31, which this year at "Let's Dance" with news spokesman and television detectors Jan Hofer , 69, located on the parquet, had 2019 the task, Comedian Oliver Pocher, 43 to teach dancing. For the dancer her "personal jackpot" as she once revealed.

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