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Sport: DSDS: Dieter planks beat back in front of the final! | New TV jury with Loredana?

Dieter Bohlen & Estefania Küster: Is he really? In this photo by son Maurice we have to look twice

 Dieter Bohlen & Estefania Küster: Is he really? In this photo by son Maurice we have to look twice as a pop-titanium and DSDS protein, Dieter Bohlen (67) always ensures headlines. Recently only with the news that after almost 20 years at "Germany is looking for the superstar", ceases. Privately, he holds a little covered. And that, though he would certainly have to tell something with six children. But the plank kids are not public. With the exception of one: Maurice Cassian (15). He is the son of Dieter and his ex-girlfriend Estefania Küster (41) and lives with his beautiful mom on Ibiza.

Today's Saturday evening, the large DSDS final 2021 is indicated - without Dieter Bohlen and without a winning song from its spring .

Dieter Bohlen © Provided by TVMovie Dieter Bohlen

on Instagram makes any doubt about the end of the scandal season no doubt that he is fine. "Now you realize who behind you," he writes, and explains in a video message that many supporters had reported to him, "with whom I had not expected". Among other things, Rapper Lededana would like to sit with him twice the DSDS jury, with him in a TV jury.

DSDS: The finalists 2021

Meanwhile, the preparations for the final, the RTL broadcast live from 20.15 pm live from the Landscape Park Duisburg, in full swing. The jury from Maite Kelly, Mike Singer and Stargast-Juror Thomas Gottschalk comments on the appearances of the finalists, but only the spectators decide: who becomes Germany's new superstar?

Thomas Gottschalk: Succession of Dieter Bohlen: New DSDS Juror is fixed

 Thomas Gottschalk: Succession of Dieter Bohlen: New DSDS Juror is fixed after the disease-related failure Dieter Bohlens (67) takes over Thomas Gottschalk (70) his item in the DSDS -Jury - at least for the last live Shows of the current season. This was announced RTL on Thursday. © Getty Images Europe / Clemens Bilan Thomas Gottschalk In the video above, you will learn more about the surprising exit Dieter Bohlens at DSDS.

Karl Jeroboan (30) , Sports & Health Trainers from Düren, Jan-Marten Block (25) , Azubi (Businessman in e-commerce) from Süderlügum, Starian McCoy (19) , Werkzurier from Uhingen and Kevin Jenewein (27) , Learned Zimmermann & Musicians from Sulzbach would like to do their best to convince jury and spectators - both with a joint appearance and in various individual characteristics.

DSDS: The winning song 2020

produced the final and thus potential winner songs of Madizin / Silverjam, a multi Platinum Producer team from Hamburg. They have already produced glass bead play, Sarah Lombardi, Andrea Berg, DJ Ötzi, Vanessa Mai, Kerstin Ott and Sunrise Avenue. The Finalsongs from 2018 and 2019 were also produced by Madizin / Silverjam. All four final titles are available for download from Thursday on Friday from midnight on all music platforms.

Ramon Roslly at the DSDS Final

as well as a guest in the final of "Germany is looking for the superstar": Ramon Roslly . The DSDS winner 2020 reports from his career since his victory last year and chooses the winner 2021: In addition to an offset with the Universal Music, a winning bonus of 100,000 euros is waiting for the DSDS winner 2021.

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