Sport: BBL extends main round and fits play-off mode to

FC Bayern attacks BBL: "Such a stupid decision"

 FC Bayern attacks BBL: Before the final tournament around the BBL Cup, the frustration is still huge about the appointment at FC Bayern. The league rejects the accusation. © Imago Images "At the moment I have no idea what joy and enthusiasm are": Bayern Trainer Andrea Trinchieri. appointment frustration at Bayern, from shame and hypocrisy is the speech - right anticipation is not on the dealers before the first title decision of the season.

because of the many uncertainties in the corona crisis, the basketball Bundesliga has adapted its mode for the play-offs.

Die BBL biegt allmählich in die heiße Phase ein. © Imago Images The BBL gradually turns into the hot phase.

Keyword 2-2-1-format

Although the series should continue to be held in the best-of-five format, but the home right does not change as usual after every game. That was announced by the BBL on Tuesday. Instead, the K.-O. round is played after the mode 2-2-1, as is currently the case in the Euroleague. This means that a team in the first two games and a possible last game is home right, in the games three and four the other. This will reduce unnecessary travel and associated increased infection hazards.

Paulding cracks magical threesome brand at Oldenburg-Sieg

 Paulding cracks magical threesome brand at Oldenburg-Sieg in EasyCredit BBL celebrate the EWE Baskets Oldenburg a highly competitive victory. Rickey Paulding outlines and reaches a milestone. © Provided by Paulding cracks magical threesome brand at Oldenburg-Sieg The EWE Baskets Oldenburg have returned in the EasyCredit BBL with a hard-fought victory in the trail. The Master of 2009 continued to stand by 100: 99 (50:45) on Monday night against Brose Bamberg and firmly strengthened the fourth place.

Since several winning games in the main round due to several quarantine orders for different teams, the beginning of the play-offs is postponed. The crucial season phase should now start at the latest on Thursday, May 20th. At the weekend before (15./16. May), in Munich, the TOP FOUR is also planned for the basketball trophy.

quarantine does not automatically mean that from

leagues and associations also agreed on regulations in the event that during the play-offs a team or several teams have to be quarantined due to positive corona cases. Such a scenario does not automatically stand out for the affected team.

Although each game to which a team can not compete for a quarantine, it is considered against the respective team. Should a series not yet be decided after the end of the quarantine, the respective club may resume the next encounter. "The 'quarantine team' rises in the case with 0: 1 or 0: 2 in the series," says in a BBL message from Tuesday.

It has "highest priority to play all relevant sporting decisions as far as possible on athlete way and not 'to control the green table," it continues in the message. The season must be ended because of the following national team windows no later than 13th June.

basketball: bbl awards starting place via wildcard .
The basketball Bundesliga (bbl) will be awarded a starting place for the coming season via wildcard. © Provided by basketball: bbl awards starting place via wildcard The basketball Bundesliga (bbl) will be awarded a starting place for the upcoming season via wildcard. This divided the league on Monday. Sporting would actually become the Bayer Giants Leverkusen and Master MLP Academics Heidelberg from the second-rate Proa.

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