Sport: "Zero Commanull": Reus contradicts Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann joining Bayern Munich: What do we know?

  Julian Nagelsmann joining Bayern Munich: What do we know? How much is Bayern Munich paying RB Leipzig in order to sign Julian Nagelsmann? How long and how much is his contract?Nagelsmann grew up in the small Munich suburb of Landsberg am Lech and grew up a fan of Bayern. He and his family built a house in the outskirts of Munich a couple of years ago, and his wife and kids live there year-round while Nagelsmann stays in Leipzig coaching the team. In a major way, this is a “returning home to take your dream job” situation.

The general sample has succeeded - but the 3: 2 from Borussia Dortmund over RB Leipzig has an impact on the trophy on Thursday? Julian Nagelsmann and Marco Reus were different opinion.

Der Blick geht nach Berlin: Marco Reus. © imago images The view goes to Berlin: Marco Reus.

"We are there and that's important," Reus noticed on the "Sky" microphone after kick-off. As an announcement towards Leipzig he did not want to know that after the 3-2 win over the coming final opponent. "Today Zero Commanull had something to do with Berlin," he realized.

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he contradicted indirect RB-Coach Julian Nagelsmann, who had declared "Sky" before the match, that the Bundesliga game "already a certain relevance for the final "I will have. After a final whistle he said, "We have enough time until the cup game on Thursday to analyze our today's mistakes."

This again emphasized Reus. "We have become too passive, the distances did not work anymore," he analyzed the phase after 2-0, in which the BVB was suddenly belonging under pressure and collected two heads. "Our midfielder were too far behind and have been able to exert too little pressure on their triple chain. We had a phased luck that we did not get the 2: 3."

Nevertheless: On the next few days with regard to the final in Berlin, nothing changed by the course of the game, Reus looked ahead: "We prepare ourselves normal on Thursday."

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