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Sport: Simone Biles: 'I didn't quit ... my mind & body are simply not in sync'

Russia sets stage for enticing gymnastics final by outscoring Simone Biles, Team USA in qualifying

  Russia sets stage for enticing gymnastics final by outscoring Simone Biles, Team USA in qualifying Four years ago, Russian gymnast Angelina Melnikova watched as the United States women’s gymnastics team steamrolled its way to the team gold medal, winning by an outrageous 8.209 points. There was nothing Melnikova, then 17 years old, could do except grow determined to make the next time different. Well, the next time is here, and while the Americans should remain the favorite to win Tuesday’s team title, it was Melnikova and her Russian teammates who posted the top team score in Sunday’s qualifying, not the United States. Russia recorded a score of 171.629 to the United States’ 170.562. That’s a 1.067 advantage.

TOKYO — Simone Biles is continuing to train in an effort to improve her concentration so she can properly, and safely, complete her high-flying routines in these Olympics.

She qualified for the Olympic finals in all four individual events — vault and uneven bars on Sunday, floor on Monday and beam on Tuesday. Biles can still compete in any or all of them. Or she can withdraw as she did during the team event Tuesday and before the All Around on Thursday.

If nothing else it suggests she hasn’t given up on these Olympics … if she can get her focus at a level that allows her to compete.

At the same time, she is clapping back at critics — most of whom have little to no knowledge of elite gymnastics or gymnastics scoring — that she “quit” on her USA Gymnastics teammates when she withdrew from the team competition after one awkward, low-scoring and nearly disastrous vault attempt.

Painting in second two: The most expensive BVB new entries

 Painting in second two: The most expensive BVB new entries US gymnast has changed © AFP via Getty Images "Had to do what's right for me": Simone Biles. It was a big surprise as US Turner Simone Biles on this Tuesday at team competition after only one discipline approached the retreat and initially disappeared into the catacombs. According to the first US messages there was no violation. and that's exactly what the 24-year-old, who has won a proud four times gold in Brazil in 2016, now confirmed itself.

“For anyone saying I quit, I didn’t quit,” Biles wrote in an Instagram story Friday. “My mind and body are simply not in sync … I don’t think you realize how dangerous this is on [a] hard competition surface.

“I chose not to continue team competition [so not to jeopardize] losing a medal (of any color) for the girls/US,” she wrote. “Also for my own safety and health.”

graphical user interface: (Simonebiles/Instagram) © Provided by Yahoo! Sports (Simonebiles/Instagram)

With that she showed a video, which she said was taken Friday morning, of her attempting a dismount from the uneven bars where she both comes up one and a half twists short and lands directly on her back on heavy pads. A landing such as that in a competition venue would be perilous.

There is no way to verify what Biles was attempting in the video, but she later posted another where she landed less awkwardly and was “almost there but not quite … still have ½ [twists] to go.”

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  Report: Larry Nassar spent more than $10,000 in prison while largely avoiding restitution, fees Disgraced former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar has avoided paying most of the financial penalties that he was ordered to when he was sentenced to prison more than three years ago, according to a new court filing obtained by The Washington Post. Nassar has only paid about $300 in penalties, which has barely made a dent in what he was ordered to pay to the Crime Victims Fund, multiple victims in his child pornography case, court fees and more. Yet Nassar still managed to spend more than $10,000 through his government-run prison bank account over that timespan — something federal officials are now trying to fix.

Biles said she is suffering from what gymnastics call “the twisties” or a lack of “air awareness” which is required for them to flip and spin through the air yet still land not just safely but perfectly for judges looking for even the slightest of errors.

“It is really, really hard to get rid of this problem,” Russian gymnast Angelina Melnikova, who was part of the team gold winners and took bronze in the all-around here, said. “It is very confusing.”

It’s not uncommon in other sports — great basketball players air balling free throws, golfers missing putts, kickers shanking field goals, baseball players incapable of simple throws to first. Failure in those pursuits do not risk serious injury though.

Biles said in the past it’s taken “usually two or more weeks,” to get over the twisties. She doesn’t have that kind of time here. She wrote, “you have to take [it] literally day by day, turn by turn” and go “back to the basics.”

Simone Biles Reveals Details on 'Twisties' Problem

  Simone Biles Reveals Details on 'Twisties' Problem "My mind and body are simply not in sync," the gymnast wrote on Instagram, explaining how she was feeling, the risks of her routine and her current practice routine in Tokyo. Very Olympic Today is SI’s daily Olympics newsletter. You can receive each issue for free in your inbox by subscribing here. To continue reading the newsletter at every day, along with the rest of our Olympics coverage, readers can subscribe to here.In the early morning hours on Friday, Simone Biles took to Instagram, posting a series of training videos and answering questions from fans.

“... [You] literally can not tell up from down,” she explained of the twisties. “It’s the craziest feeling ever, not having an inch of control over your body. What’s even scarier is, since I have no idea where I am in the air, I also have no idea how I’m going to land, or what I’m going to land on — head/hands/feet/back.”

Biles said that while she’s battled this in the past, and her qualifying scores on Sunday were not as high as she wished, she expected to compete in all four rotations at team.

“It randomly starts happening ... the very next morning [after qualifying],” she said.

Earlier in the week her USA teammates — Jordan Chiles, Sunisa Lee and Grace McCallum — all confirmed something was wrong in Monday’s training.

“She was giving us a little heart attack,” Chiles said.

Simone Biles competes during the women's team final on the vault during the team competition. She would withdraw immediately after not completing her expected vault. (Berengui/DeFodi Images via Getty Images) © Provided by Yahoo! Sports Simone Biles competes during the women's team final on the vault during the team competition. She would withdraw immediately after not completing her expected vault. (Berengui/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

It carried over to the first rotation, where Biles attempted a Yurchenko with two and a half twists but only managed to complete one and half twists. She was able to land upright but took a huge step and a stumble.

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The vault was so shockingly bad that her teammates covered their mouths. The Yurchenko with one and a half twists is a pedestrian vault at this level. Of the 24 gymnasts who competed that night, only one attempted an easier vault and only three scored lower than Biles' 13.766.

That score was 1.2 below Biles' qualifying mark, .540 lower than any other American and 0.700 below any Russian, who was the main competition for gold.

After just one rotation, mainly due to Biles' severe underperformance, the Russians were staked to a 1.067 lead in a sport where tenths of a point often determine victory and defeat. It was virtually unsurpassable, especially since the vault should have been a huge advantage for the Americans.

Biles, despite being the best gymnast in the world for nearly a decade, was now one of the worst competitors in the event and was a major liability to her team. Had she continued as she believed she would have, the Americans would have struggled to medal.

Whether she “quit” or simply took herself out of the game like a starting pitcher who was getting rocked or a slumping jump shooter who passes the ball to someone more likely to score is the issue.

Those that know gymnastics argue it’s the latter. Those that don’t have been more vocal on the “quit”. Biles said you can’t compare general sports with gymnastics.

Simone Biles also dispenses on floor finals

 Simone Biles also dispenses on floor finals US gymnine could only start at the floating beam © AFP Via Getty Images remains away from the ground contest: Simone Biles. As the US Turnover Association announced on Sunday, the 24-year-old will not compete on the ground on Monday. Previously, the four-time Olympic champion of Rio de Janeiro in 2016 had already canceled its participation in the finals in the multi-fight, the step bar and the jump and the team finals canceled after only one device.

“I didn’t have a bad performance and quit,” Biles wrote. “I’ve had plenty of bad performances throughout my career and finished the competition. I simply got lost. My safety was at risk as well as a team medal. Therefore the girls stepped up and killed the rest of the competition and won silver. Queens!!!

“Hence why we have four team members because ALLLLL of us can compete in [the] team meet, not just me,” she continued.

She additionally explained some basic, and easily looked up Olympic rules, that she didn’t deny an alternate from competing in the team event because once qualifying occurred on Sunday, substitutions were no longer allowed.

Her teammates and coaches have been vocal in their defense of not just her, but the decision to step back from the team competition. After Biles’ vault, the Americans were extremely unlikely to do better than the silver they eventually won.

So there was no harm — medal wise — by letting the others take over.

As for what’s next, there is no telling. Biles said she is training at a local gym in Tokyo while seeking professional help for the stress and anxiety that she believes may have triggered the twisties.

She clearly wants to return. And wants people who tune into gymnastics once every four years — if that — to understand the context behind her decision.

Whether she gets back into competition, or changes a single mind in what has become a classic, modern American, hot-button topic, remains to be seen.

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