Sport: To die can wait: 3 good reasons to go see the new James Bond

Daniel Craig hopes No Time To Die will boost ailing cinemas post-Covid

  Daniel Craig hopes No Time To Die will boost ailing cinemas post-Covid Daniel Craig, along with other stars of the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die, hopes that the Covid-delayed film can boost ailing cinemas amid the pandemic. Craig and Rami Malek play 007 and his latest nemesis in the spy drama - which is officially the longest James Bond film ever made with a runtime of 163 minutes - and the actors have both expressed hopes that the cinema business picks up again soon.Craig told PA: 'There's a great deal of expectation surrounding this film. I believe in cinema, it's the job I do and having this film come out right now and try and hopefully to give the industry some sort of boost.

die can wait, the 25th movie centered on James Bond, goes out (finally) at the cinema, this Wednesday, October 6, 2021! Fans have been waiting for it for a while, the release date has been postponed several times because of the pandemic. This is the 5th film with Daniel Craig years the role of the agent 007 but also the last. Here are 3 good reasons to go see the movie!

1. For Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond one last time

He's finally there, the new James Bond called to die can wait for coming out on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. The pitch? The agent 007 embodied by Daniel Craig was finally retired in Jamaica. Except that obviously, James Bond will have to refund the tuxedo to save the world. The characters of the previous component are back, like Madeleine ( Léa Seydoux ), M ( Ralph Fiennes ), Q ( Ben Whishaw ), MoneyPenny ( Naomie Harris ) or Ernst Stavro Blofeld ( Christoph Waltz ). And there is the shattering arrival of Rami Malek in big naughty called Lyutsifer Stafin or the Armas Ana.

The making of Billie Eilish's Bond theme

  The making of Billie Eilish's Bond theme Billie Eilish, Finneas and Johnny Marr discuss the making of the No Time To Die theme song.It's February 2020, and Finneas O'Connell is recounting how he and his sister, Billie Eilish, ended up writing the latest James Bond theme song - No Time To Die.

and clearly, the play of the actors is worth the detour, especially that of Daniel Craig! Once again, the spy already seen in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace,

Skyfall and spectrum brings humanity and a crazy depth to his character. In dying can wait, the actor is even more vulnerable and sensitive in his interpretation, he goes even further to reveal us who is really James, and not Bond.

Fans always wait to know the identity of the next James Bond. The

Name Henry Cavill had circulated , that of Richard Madden (Bodyguard) too, Regé-Jean Page (the Bridgeton Chronicle) had reacted to the rumor and some saw a woman resume the role . But what is certain is that Daniel Craig and his benefits that have revolutionized the hero created by Ian Fleming will miss us. 2. For breathtaking action scenes

'No Time to Die' review: Audiences may think Daniel Craig has the best James Bond exit ever

  'No Time to Die' review: Audiences may think Daniel Craig has the best James Bond exit ever Now we wait to see how audiences will react to the franchise doing something it has never done in its history.But at the same time, the movie feels very different.

video: die can wait: muscular back for James Bond (leisure TV)

Your Browser does not support this video as any good movie from James Bond who respects himself, There are eggs eggs! In dying can wait, the spectators are immersed in the suspense, car prosecution (and motorcycle), the explosions ... Everything is reunited to take full eyes! Moreover, the 2:43 film of movie pass at a glance, both the action scenes (bluffing and incredible waterflows) are linked at a frantic pace. But beware, there is no fight all the time either. To die may wait was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga (known for the first season of True Detective), and one recognizes his neat staging.

And in addition, the landscapes make us travel throughout the planet: Italy, Cuba ... what is good during pandemic times. Thanks to the dream sets, the scenes are of a crazy aesthetic.

Mourir peut attendre : 3 bonnes raisons d'aller voir le nouveau James Bond © Danjaq, LLC and MGM. All Rights Reserved To die can wait: 3 good reasons to go See the new James Bond 3. For replicas full of humor Finally, we want to emphasize the humor in the scenario. Phoebe Waller Bridge, creator of

the Fleabag series, is part of the screenwriters. And it feels like! We find his paw, his sense of crazy humor. Some replicas make smile or even laugh. Most often, it's Daniel Craig Himself who has the privilege (but also talent) to say them. But it is not the only one who can use irony, several characters are derision.

Bonus, Big up at

Billie Eilish for his song No Time to Die . A new James Bond theme we want to listen in loop.

These properties need the next James Bond - says the director of "No time to die" .
after " no time to die " is the James Bond series in front of a turning point. A new 007 must come from and the big question is, of course, who could best fill out the role. We met the director Cary Fukunaga to zoom interview and asked him about the future of the film series. He also revealed which properties for him make a James Bond. © Universal Pictures These properties need the next James Bond - says the director of "No time to die" This article deals with the future of James Bond.

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