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Sport: laurent baffie banni de c to you: why "they refuse" to invite it (video)

Video - Gérard Lenorman: This anecdote unveiled by Laurent Ruquier that it has made it laugh

 Video - Gérard Lenorman: This anecdote unveiled by Laurent Ruquier that it has made it laugh © Screenshot France 2 Video - Gérard Lenorman: this anecdote unveiled by Laurent Ruquier that he did well Laughing Guest on the Children's Plateau, this Sunday October 10, Gérard Lenorman discovered an old sequence of the fans school, where the singer had at the time meets a funny admirer. Nostalgia sequence, this Sunday, October 10, in the children of TV . In promotion for his new album The taste of happiness, Gérard Lenorman was present around Laurent Ruquier 's table d'guests.

Laurent Baffie banni de C à vous : pourquoi © RTL Capture Laurent Baffie banni of c to you: why "they refuse" to invite it (video) Saturday 23 OCTOBER, the Humorist Laurent Baffie was invited in the show we did the TV on RTL, animated by Jade and Eric Dussart. He said that live emissions like C to you no longer want to invite him.

Laurent Baffie was the guest of Jade and Éric Dussart Saturday, October 23rd in TELE , The RTL media show of which leisure is a partner. After having announced that he prepares a second film in the name as unlikely as his first , the Bagnole keys ( this comedy will be called of the gums , with inscribed on the poster: " N ' There are not, it's disgusting "), Laurent Baffie spoke on live shows on television that have not invite him for some time. His provocative behavior scares the television chains and it is well aware of it. "When I leave the house saying that I'm going to make a direct, Everyone is signing at home . They come out the crucifix and garlic cloves", has told Éric Dussart.

podcast. A Frenchman wins the title of animal photographer 2021

 podcast. A Frenchman wins the title of animal photographer 2021 © Laurent Ballesta / Wildlife Photographer of the Year The photo of Laurent Ballesta Having won the Grand Prix of the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021", organized by the Museum of Natural History of London. The 57th edition of the prestigious Wildlife Contest Photographer of The Year (Animal Photographer of the Year) for the first time rewarded a Frenchman.

"There are two people in my head"

curious to understand what happens in the head of Laurent Baffie, the animator asks him: " you feel this exaltation in you Direct and you say 'I may go too far, but I have this pleasure'? " for Laurent Baffie, the explanation does not come at all from there. " No, it's not that, it's because, and I sometimes regret it, there are two people in my head. There is an angel and there is a demon. " Then Eric Dussart asks him If " emissions still take the risk " to invite it on their live tray. " C to you , they refuse, because I went twice, and twice, there were scrambles ."

"We brief on some stuff not to say"

but c to you is not the only issue not to want to invite it. " daily , they never invited me . If they invited me when there were scangs, yes, when it stinks a little they invite you, but otherwise they are not too much customer ", Has he entrusted? On the contrary, Cyril Hanouna regularly invites Laurent Baffie in not touch my post . There is not only live the provocateur Laurent Baffie scares. Even on recorded broadcasts, it has already happened to him that he is asked not to say such or such. What has an inverse effect, like the dirty PAF gosse explained in we did the TV again. and to illustrate his remarks, he told a truculent anecdote, to find in the video at the top of this article.

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