Sport: Official: Dani Alves back at Barça

Barça: Dembéle in the plans of Laporta

 Barça: Dembéle in the plans of Laporta © provided by His situation in Barça is still blurred. absent since June due to injury to the ischio, Ousmane Dembele should make its return on Tuesday night in Champions League with the Barça against the Dynamo Kiev . A return of unexpected importance given the situation of the Catalan club, which has just separated from Ronald Koeman to the coach station, following the performance below the goals of the club (9th Liga with 16 points in 11 days).

  Officiel : Dani Alves de retour au Barça © supplied by Sofoot

Xavi holds his first recruit.

FC Barcelona formalized on Friday night, the arrival of a new player within his workforce. Finally, "new" may not be the right term, since it is an old Knowledge of the Catalan Club: Dani Alves. Without club since last September and the breach of his contract with the Sao Paulo FC, the Brazilian right side would have already attempted to seduce the Barcelonian leaders in October, if we believe the local press . They finally decided to offer him a new lease, which runs until the end of the season.

El Barça Fitxa @ DanialSed2 ! ? ❤

- FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona_cat) November 12, 2021

"Emotional Moment": That's how Xavi is at Barca before

 Xavi has been presented at a large show as a new coach of the crisis FC Barcelona. The Spaniard is looking forward to his return. © Provided by "Emotional Moment": That's how Xavi is at Barca before Club Idol Xavi has been presented at a large show as a new coach of the crisis FC Barcelona. In bright sunshine and under the jubilation of thousands of fans, the 41-year-old signed his contract on Monday in the Camp Nou Stadium.

If there can now be trained with the Blaugrana group, the 38-year-old player is not allowed to play official match before the 1st January 2022 and the opening of the next window of transfers, as the Liga Regulations. During his first visit (2008-2016), the former Sevillan played no less than 391 games all competitions with Le Barça, gleaning the blank of 23 titles in total, including three Champions Leagues (2009, 2011, 2015 and six ligas (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016). And one of his teammates in the midfielder was other than Xavi, who will be his coach this time.

These ancient Barcelonian glories still prove it to us: Back to his ex, it's possible.

The Barça Esquinte Villarreal .
© supplied by Sofoot in its pale purple dress, the Barça de Xavi has ripped off a precious success at the Estadio de la Cerámica de Villarreal (3-1), thanks to three pawns registered after the intermission. Ungrouping for a month in Liga, the 3 point points to seventh row and, despite real difficulties in mastering the meeting, have been able to count on a variant of the "champion of the ex-champion".

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