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Sport: of the 1st FC Union on the fast lane: The premetic position of Hertha BSC is in danger

Did you know that? Eight questions for explosive duel between Union and Hertha

 Did you know that? Eight questions for explosive duel between Union and Hertha part one of Berlin's Derby trilogy! Thanks to the Cup knockout stages of the 1. FC Union and Hertha BSC meet in the next five months equal to each other three times. The decades cemented supremacy of the blue-white crumbling mightily since the rise of the Iron. can and 1. FC Union wants to take over the football Scepter capital in the third year. The COURIER explains what is important in the first part of the trilogy on Saturday (18.30) in the stadium at the old forester.

since human thoughts Hertha BSC is the number one in Berlin. But the circumstances advised to waver - because Union makes a lot right. A comment.

Wenn Ritter Keule triumphiert. © Photo: Imago Images / Matthias Koch When Knights can be triumphed.

Who drives past the derbytag with the S3 of Spandau at the Olympic Stadium to Köpenick, who gets a pretty plastic impression of the still existing footballing cleavage of the city. When plays the 1st FC Union on the old Försteri, usually only on Friedrichstraße the first fans in red rising and knows, from Alexanderplatz it will be really many.

Berlin is great, and in Berlin both Herthaner and Unioner find their place. Every club has its clientele, overlaps of the target group are still rare.

Hertha also requested stadium full utilization

 Hertha also requested stadium full utilization The capital Derby between the 1st FC Union and Hertha BSC on Saturday evening can go to full utilization without spectator restriction on full utilization without a viewer restriction on Saturday night. For the following Bundesliga match day, where the FC Augsburg is in the Olympic Stadium, Hertha BSC has also applied for full utilization. © Imago Images / Nordphoto For events in the capital already a 2G-Plus model is already being prepared.

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insofar you could question, who For now the number one in the city is , for a nice, but also well-defined bauble. But that's not exactly that. It can only give one one who goes to a derby: "city master, city master, Berlin's number one." On Saturday night, after the 2: 0 home win of her team, were the fans of the 1st FC Union.

Only a snapshot, say the followers of Hertha BSC , which of course refer to the second leg in the Olympic Stadium - and are still pretty sure of their historically justified supremacy anyway. Since the introduction of the Bundesliga, it has given again and again local rivals , which had the nose for a short moment. In the end, however, Hertha has successfully ward off every attack by Tasmania, Tennis Borussia or Blue-White 90 and restore the God-given order.

EU praises Bosnia for improved migration management

  EU praises Bosnia for improved migration management SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — The European Union praised as a sign of progress the opening of a new migrant facility Friday in Bosnia, which had been criticized over the plight of migrants stranded in the dysfunctional Balkan country during their long trek to richer destinations. The new, organized Lipa camp, in the northwestern Krajina region, can accommodate, screen and register up to 1,500 people, and includes safe zones for unaccompanied minors and vulnerable people.

The 1st FC Union seems to be another caliber.

Union was better, more mature and had a plan

The game on Saturday evening, at least the current footballing power relations has played almost detailed. Union was the better team. The mature team. The team with the clearer plan.

The table shows the emporstigling from the East again as a potential candidate on the European Cup this season, while Hertha will move in the secure midfield in the most favorable case, even with cloth sensing to the descent zone even with cloth sensing. And this is more than a snapshot.

Since Union ascension in the summer of 2019, the Köpenicker in the league have brought 22 points more than Hertha. And since 44 matchdays have been in the table in front of the former place deer. The supposedly cemented circumstances seem to actually agree.

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Union Berlin - Hertha BSC: The official statements

 Union Berlin - Hertha BSC: The official statements CityDerby in Berlin! After two defeats and a draw in the last three capital Derbys, Union wants to score three times against the rivals. But the old lady appeared after a weak season start last in handsome form. There is a hot duel waiting for us! © Provided by 90min 1. FC Union Berlin V Hertha BSC - Bundesliga | Boris Streinbel / GettyImages The Sections of Union and Hertha: Union ? ⚪️ Our Start-1⃣1⃣ for #fcubsc - get the city championship, guys! #fcunion | #vrbank -

The 1st FC Union has a very own club in many cases. That's what you like. Or you do not like it. But it is undisputed that Union has done a lot in real time in recent years, what Hertha did wrong. Union does not hold continuity for a dangerous disease. Union enhances in the search for new players that they fit into the profile and do not necessarily have a prominent name.

Structurally, Hertha is still better positioned than Union, but recent years have shown that the supremacy in the city is not God. Success makes sexy. And since Union has now clearly offer more.

That does not mean that diehard Herthaner now in droves with red-white flags to Union overflow . But it's about the unprecedented. Even if the city is big enough for two clubs and competition the business revives: Hertha should not take the current development on the light shoulder.

Hertha: With the ball alone you have no balance .
I have long considered. What happens at Hertha BSC for two and a half years? Ante Covic, Jürgen Klinsmann, Alexander Nouri, Bruno Labbadia, Pal Dardai, all looking for a balanced mix of defensive and offensive. Nobody got it convincing. With the ball alone you have no balance for a long time. © Provided by Berliner Kurier The efforts look like the skill game, where you have to balance a marble through a wooden labyrinth without falling into a hole.

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