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Sport: Hertha breathes: two reasons for no aua against Augsburg

Did you know that? Eight questions for explosive duel between Union and Hertha

 Did you know that? Eight questions for explosive duel between Union and Hertha part one of Berlin's Derby trilogy! Thanks to the Cup knockout stages of the 1. FC Union and Hertha BSC meet in the next five months equal to each other three times. The decades cemented supremacy of the blue-white crumbling mightily since the rise of the Iron. can and 1. FC Union wants to take over the football Scepter capital in the third year. The COURIER explains what is important in the first part of the trilogy on Saturday (18.30) in the stadium at the old forester.

green is the blue-white hope! Hertha BSC Atmet, can plan with striker Stevan Jovetic with striker Stevan Jovetic at such important home game against the FC Augsburg (Saturday, 15.30 clock).

  Hertha atmet auf: Zwei Gründe für kein Aua gegen Augsburg © Provided by Berliner Kurier

The Montenegriner is urgently needed to get the harmless Hertha offensive. Jovetic was actually planned despite his Corona infection during the international for the Derby at the 1st FC Union after being symptom-free and the quarantine could leave in his homeland after a negative test. 24 hours before the city duel, the plan was broken: Jovetic was completely surprisingly tested positively in Berlin.

Hertha also requested stadium full utilization

 Hertha also requested stadium full utilization The capital Derby between the 1st FC Union and Hertha BSC on Saturday evening can go to full utilization without spectator restriction on full utilization without a viewer restriction on Saturday night. For the following Bundesliga match day, where the FC Augsburg is in the Olympic Stadium, Hertha BSC has also applied for full utilization. © Imago Images / Nordphoto For events in the capital already a 2G-Plus model is already being prepared.

Now Jovetic is negative-tested and back on free foot. With a smile on the lips he turned on Tuesday with the athletic trainers first rounds over the Schenckendorffplatz. Previously, Hertha's doctors gave a green light after the covid-19-disease-compulsory cardiovascular examination.

Apropos Green: The most recently in the Europe guest plays of the 1.FC Union violently rampated lawn in the Olympic Stadium is currently being exchanged. The works run according to plan, so that coach Pal Dardai and his players are looking forward to a perfect runner on Saturday.

On the new lawn, Hertha must blow to attack. Only one victory gives the blue-white air in the table. Dardais eleven collects the next bankrupt after the derby debacle, threatens a winter in the relegation battle.

with Jovetic, the Hertha shot at the 1-1 against Leverkusen by dream gate, the opportunities for a liberation strike are much better: Dardai: "He is the technically best footballer with us. A player who holds the balls in front and ensures action. "

does not succeed the other stormy so far. 12 goals in 12 games are too little to play the stable season required by Hertha-Boss Fredi Bobic.

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Hertha: With the ball alone you have no balance .
I have long considered. What happens at Hertha BSC for two and a half years? Ante Covic, Jürgen Klinsmann, Alexander Nouri, Bruno Labbadia, Pal Dardai, all looking for a balanced mix of defensive and offensive. Nobody got it convincing. With the ball alone you have no balance for a long time. © Provided by Berliner Kurier The efforts look like the skill game, where you have to balance a marble through a wooden labyrinth without falling into a hole.

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