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Sport: Why cancel its borrower insurance at any time upsets the

10 Things in Politics: Gen Z voters eye GOP over cancel culture

  10 Things in Politics: Gen Z voters eye GOP over cancel culture And Democrats may blow campaign promises and give the rich a big tax cut.Here's what we're talking about:

Assurance emprunteur market © Shutterstock Borrower insurance The bill for more just, simpler and more transparent access to the borrower insurance market could save up to 15,000 euros by allowing the termination of the contract at any time.

"This is a purchasing power measure that does not cost a euro to the state". With these words, the rapporteur the bill "for more just, simpler and more transparent access to the borrower insurance market" , Patricia Lemoine (act), concludes the first reading at the National Assembly. Adopted 61 votes to 1, the text offers the possibility to borrowers to change insurer at any time. A proposal that could in turn end the quasi-monopoly of banks: in 2019, the latter had sold 88% of the borrowing insurance. A market that weighs more than 10 billion euros in France. The Minister of Economy and Finance was "favorable" to this measure "protector for the purchasing power of the French."

Women's Battle 4 Atlantis will feature either top-seeded upsets or UConn-South Carolina championship

  Women's Battle 4 Atlantis will feature either top-seeded upsets or UConn-South Carolina championship It's tournament time and the inaugural women's Battle 4 Atlantis could bring college basketball fans the first No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup of the season. If not, it will feature a massive upset of one or both of the NCAA championship favorites. The Battle 4 Atlantis is in its 10th season on the men's side and finally expanded to a women's tournament held at the Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in The Bahamas. The three days of games begin Saturday and the championship game — likely pitting No. 1 South Carolina against No. 2 Connecticut — is scheduled for Monday. It's also a meeting of great basketball eras on the court.

Up to 15,000 euros of

economies so far, the insured persons could not change the borrower insurance agency only during the first twelve months of the contract, or each year, on the date of its signature. An opportunity that consumers have received, due to difficult termination. "This bill would put an end to the dilatory maneuvers of the banks, explains Matthieu Robin, responsible for mission to the financial sector at UFC-what to choose, interviewed by Challenges. They blocked the insured by pretending a problem of address in the papers or by answering too late. " A statement shared by Eric Maury, CEO of APRIL and spokesperson for the promotion of borrowers' insurance competition (APCADE): "All the interstices that existed in the law had allowed the bankers to prevent the free competetion." The bill now provides for a sanction in case of exceeding the legal period of 10 days: 15,000 euros fine. According to the UFC that choosing, banks perform margins of 68% on borrowing insurance . "For auto insurance, this margin is 21%." Always according to the consumer association, this free insurance change could save borrowers up to 550 million euros per year. For a real estate loan insurance, "the insureds could save up to 15,000 euros for an couple of borrowers aged 55 years of subscribing to a loan of 200,000 euros over 20 years . Between 5,000 to 6.000 euros on average." Bercy estimates that a 25-year-time primary accession would save 3,800 euros for a loan of 250,000 euros over 25 years.

Solved! Is a Home Warranty Worth It?

  Solved! Is a Home Warranty Worth It? Q: We’re shopping for our first home, and while we are sure to get homeowners insurance, we’ve heard of home warranti es, too. What exactly is a home warranty, and is a home warranty worth it?A: This is a fair question. Home warranties can feel like an extra grab for your hard-earned cash at a time when you’re already juggling more decisions than you thought possible—neighborhoods, bedrooms and bathrooms, mortgage rates and lenders, and insurance policies—for one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.

Discrimination of risky profiles?

Banks, wind up against this reform, alert on the risk of demutualization of risks, which could penalize the profiles judged "at risk" by the insurers. "This americanization proposal of the borrower insurance is very disputed. It will lead to discriminating the quinquas and the most vulnerable for the benefit of the younger and healthy profiles. It is a demutualization of the risks that will weigh a lot on the Solidarity between generations. That is why we are very opposed to this measure which is a form of absolute individualization of insurance ", is Nicolas Théry, president of the French banking federation. An argument swept by insurers reminiscent that for a market share of 12%, they already provide 43% of customers with an aggravated health risk. "These insurances are extremely cost-effective for banks. The rates of other insurance agencies, even if more extensive depending on the profiles, remain more advantageous than theirs." The bill also provides for work with banks and insurers on discrimination on access to credits and insurance because of a disease. It wants, for example, to reduce the deadlines for the right to oblivion to cancer diseases and expand to other pathologies the obligations for the insurer fixed by the AERAS Convention (ensure and borrow with an aggravated risk of health. )

Holiday tournament reset: Parsing out the chaos in women's college hoops .
It feels like ages ago now that No. 1 South Carolina dominated then-No. 2 UConn in the fourth quarter of a Monday matinee, but it was a mere week ago. The result is the eight teams ranked between No. 1 South Carolina and No. 10 Louisville moving spots in the weekly Associated Press Top 25 poll out Monday afternoon. After one of the most confusing weeks of tournament results to follow, here are four teams who stood out. Upsets! Or upsets? It was a week of shuffling between channels, if there were channels to shuffle, as upsets piled up. Three games on Friday alone featured a lower-ranked or unranked team defeating a higher-ranked team. And there were plenty of close calls.

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