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Sport: second "crazy" game ends with a draw with a draw

Jim Harbaugh had serious wardrobe malfunction during Penn State game

  Jim Harbaugh had serious wardrobe malfunction during Penn State game Jim Harbaugh was so focused on leading his team to a win against Penn State on Saturday that he didn’t even notice his leg was on fire. © Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh Harbaugh had a frightening wardrobe malfunction during Michigan’s 21-17 win over the Nittany Lions. He got too close to a space heater on the sideline, and the heater melted a big hole in his pants. Fortunately, Harbaugh was wearing multiple layers. Jim Harbaugh's pants got burned by the space heater on the sidelines in the 1st half pic.twitter.

Chess World Cup: after 58 trains

© Getty Images "A decent result": Magnus Carlsen.

"It was a crazy game. I really did not know what was going on. At the board, I thought we did not play both," Nepomnjaschi said on Saturday.

The challenger from Russia was in the meantime a tower and farmer against a springer in the advantage. However, this Springer Carlsens was very strong. The defending champion sacrificed a farmers early in a Catalan opening and received good figure and attack opportunities, while Nepomnjaschi described his position as "maybe playable, but ugly".

After the opening, Carlsen did not make the most of his possibilities, later it was Nepomnjaschi. The remis achieved after 58 trains CARLSEN "for both a decent result".

UMass to bring back Don Brown as next head coach

  UMass to bring back Don Brown as next head coach UMass has made a decision on its next head coach. The Minutemen are trying to rekindle some past success and bringing back Don Brown as their head coach. The hiring was reported on Sunday night and is expected to be announced this week. UMass will be hiring Don Brown as its next head football coach. UMass athletic director Ryan Bamford is expected to conduct a team meeting tomorrow to announce Brown as the next head coach, according to sources inside the program. — Jeff Howe (@jeffphowe) November 22, 2021 Brown turned down a big offer from Arizona in order to return to UMass.

The third party starts on Sunday at 1.30 pm, Monday is play-free. The first game ended with a draw in 45 trains. A maximum of 14 lots are played, the initial right will change after each match. For a victory there is a point, for a draw half a counter. Those who reached 7.5 points first is world champion.

Chess World Cup in Dubai, Second Party

White: Magnus Carlsen (Norway)

Black: Jan Nepomnjashchi (Russia)


1. D4 SF6 2. C4 E6 3. SF3 D5 4. G3 LE7 5. LG2 OO 6. OO DXC4 7. DC2 B5 8. SE5 C6 9. A4 SD5 10. SC3 F6 11. SF3 DD7 12. E4 SB4 13. DE2 SD3 14. E5 LB7 15. EXF6 LXF6 16. SE4 SA6 17. SE5 LXE5 18. DXE5 SAC5 19. SD6 SB3 20. TB1 SBXC1 21. TBXC1 SXC1 22. TXC1 TAB8 23. TD1 LA8 24. LE4 C3 25. DC2 G6 26. BXC3 BXA4 27. DXA4 TFD8 28. TA1 C5 29. DC4 LXE4 30. SXE4 KH8 31. SD6 TB6 32. DXC5 TDB8 33. KG2 A6 34. KH3 TC6 35. DD4 KG8 36. C4 DC7 37. DG4 TXD6 38. EXD6 DXD6 39. C5 DXC5 40. DXE6 + KG7 41. TXA6 TF8 42. F4 DF5 + 43. DXF5 TXF5 44. TA7 + KG8 45. KG4 TB5 46. TE7 TA5 47. TE5 TA7 48. H4 KG7 49. H5 KH6 50. KH4 TA1 51. G4 TH1 + 52. KG3 GXH5 53. TE6 + KG7 54. G5 TG1 + 55. KF2 TA1 56. TH6 TA4 57. KF3 TA3 + 58. KF2 TA4 Remis

Former Oklahoma players endorse Clemson DC Brent Venables for new HC .
The abrupt departure of Lincoln Riley has left Oklahoma searching for a new head coach. For several Oklahoma alumni, the choice is an obvious one. © Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports In the hours after Riley left for USC, there was a groundswell of support from ex-players for the Sooners to make a run at Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables. Venables has long been a highly-respected assistant coach, and served as Oklahoma’s defensive coordinator from 1999 to 2011.

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