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Sport: Nikola Jokic improved on defense thanks to Draymond Green’s analysis on TNT

Shaquille O'Neal wears wig on TNT to try and cover up embarrassing head injury

  Shaquille O'Neal wears wig on TNT to try and cover up embarrassing head injury Being tall has worked out well for Shaquille O'Neal. The NBA Hall of Famer won four rings during his playing career and made 15 All-Star teams. Thankfully, it also led to a hilarious moment on "Inside the NBA." Host Ernie Johnson set O'Neal up perfectly, saying, "I know there's got to be a story behind this."But that size finally came back to bite O'Neal. Thankfully, it also led to a hilarious moment on "Inside the NBA.

Draymond Green continues to look like a natural while serving as a studio analyst for the NBA playoffs. The Warriors forward stepped in for Kenny Smith on Thursday' s episode of "Inside the NBA" and once again looked like a natural in analyzing the NBA playoffs. In addition to pinning the blame on Oklahoma City Thunder coach Billy Donovan and Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens for their respective losses Wednesday and Thursday -- the former for failing to draw up a decent play for the game' s final possession, the latter for calling the wrong defense that resulted in a last-second

Lately, Draymond Inexperienced has ventured into the function of TV analyst , most frequently on TNT ’ s “Inside The NBA.” Draymond Inexperienced as soon as referred to as out Nikola Jokic ’ s protection whereas filling in as an analyst on TNT . Jokic went as much as Inexperienced the subsequent season, mentioned he appreciated the criticism and instructed Inexperienced that he’ s improved .

People tend to handle criticism one of two ways. Either they take the criticism in good faith and see about how to improve themselves or they dismiss it and act like the world is against them. Not all criticism is fair but if it is, the best strategy is figuring out how to improve oneself from the criticism they receive.

  Nikola Jokic improved on defense thanks to Draymond Green’s analysis on TNT © Provided by Awful Announcing

When Draymond Green criticized Nikola Jokic’s defending on Inside the NBA, Jokic chose to take that criticism to heart and improve his game. Something that has paid dividends to Jokic’s career as well as the success of the Denver Nuggets.

On The Draymond Green Show, Green explained how Jokic listened and improved his defending based on what Draymond said.

Recap: Nuggets fall to Minnesota 124-107 as Timberwolves shoot the lights out

  Recap: Nuggets fall to Minnesota 124-107 as Timberwolves shoot the lights out Well, that’s not how any of us wanted that to go.It all started when Minnesota shot 16-of-29 from three in the first half and were led by five threes from Anthony Edwards, who the Nuggets had zero answer for. Edwards constantly got whatever shot he wanted and made Denver pay time and time again. The Timberwolves would eventually finish the game with 23 made threes, 10 of which came from Edwards as Denver could not keep up with Minnesota’s red hot shooting.

By Eurohoops team/ [email protected] Draymond Green slammed Nikola Jokic ’ s defense in Game 1 of the series between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Clippers. The Nuggets fell 120 – 97 in a match where they gave up 38 points in the second period. During NBA on TNT ’ s halftime report, Green was quite critical of Jokic ’ s behavior on defense and him failing to rotate properly. “If they are going to win, he has to be better,” Green said while commenting on Jokic not rotating on his player during a play.

Draymond Green explains how difficult it is to guard Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid! 05:52. NBA on TNT Tuesday. 03:24. Draymond guarding skilled bigs. 01:48. Draymond green says he and jokic passing his Draymond Green breaks down Nikola Jokic defense vs. Clippers - Inside the NBA.

“You don’t just have to crush a guy. And I think one big moment I had on TV was, it was a whole segment I think I had four clips at halftime. And it was a Nuggets game. And I went at Jokic’s defense. I’m like ‘If they’re ever going to be a good team, he’s the back line of the defense he has to be good defensively.’ And I showed four clips. Him not rotating over as the low-man, him not moving, like four clips. And I was very critical of him.”

“He came up to me that following year. He said, he said something along the lines like ‘I saw what you said about my defense’ or something. ‘You were right’ or ‘I appreciate it’ or something he said like that. He said ‘I’ve gotten better.’ And I said ‘You 100% have gotten better. I’ve been watching you this year. And you’ve 100% gotten better.’”

Warriors gripe about second straight Christmas road game

  Warriors gripe about second straight Christmas road game The Warriors got walloped by the Bucks in Milwaukee on Christmas last year. Playing the Suns in Phoenix in the biggest game of this year’s Christmas schedule tomorrow, Golden State isn’t enthused about being on the road again. Warriors coach Steve Kerr, via Ali Thanawalla of NBC Sports: “Generally, I like playing on Christmas,” Kerr said. “It’s exciting. I love playing at home on Christmas. That way you can still have a good family day. Christmas morning with the kids and then go down to the arena later. It’s tough being on the road for Christmas, but it’s part of being in the NBA.

343 votes, 194 comments. What is Nikola Jokic ceiling? The Joker looks on course for his first MVP. He’ s already proven his playoff chops. I don't ever see him being an elite shot blocking rim protector (he' s not that kind of player) but if he ups his stamina, and improves on positioning and rotational help defense , he could make reasonable improvements on the defensive end. I'm also on the side that thinks he' s a neutral to decent defender, not a horrible one as some people like to make him out to be, he' s got good hands on defense .

Nikola Jokic . C - DEN. Draymond Green . F - gsw. Denver Nuggets All-Star C Nikola Jokic has officially won the 2020-21 NBA' s Most Valuable Player Award, per Shams Charania. Matthew MacKay Tue, Jun 8th. Draymond Green totaled ten points (4-5 FG, 2-9 FT), six rebounds, seven assists, and one steal in the Warriors' 115-113 win over the Clippers on Thursday.

This was an ideal way for someone in the media to help a player at their game, even if Draymond is still an active player. Not all criticism from the media is hot takes and cheap shots. Don’t get it twisted, unfortunately there’s a lot of that. But if an athlete is able to parse through all that and get to actual meaningful analysis, the best can use that to their advantage. Maybe that’s why Jokic is the reigning MVP.


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Recap: Utah defeats Denver 115-109 despite a 26 point, 21 rebound triple-double from Jokic .
The Nuggets showed resolve throughout, but Bojan Bogdanovic’s 36 points proved too much for Denver tonightTonight was one of those games where no matter how close Denver came, they either could not get a stop or score a bucket to obtain the lead. They held the Western Conference player of the month, Donovan Mitchell, to just 17 points on 8-22 shooting and 1-9 from three, but they could stop Bogdanovic at any point in the game. Whenever the Nuggets made their comeback, he responded with a scoring run of his own. He proved once again to be a Nugget killer.

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