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Sport: Racism Sklat in the 3rd League: DFB falls Decision

Peters: "Democratically difficult"

 Peters: after the Presidents of the state and regional associations have pronounced as DFB presidents as DFB presidents for Bernd Neuendorf, his countercandidate Peter Peters criticize the procedure. © Imago Images / Sven Simon Peter Peters, Candidate for the Office of the DFB President, practices criticism of the Neuendorf pre-vote.

The DFB has made a decision about dealing with the scandal game between the MSV Duisburg and the VfL Osnabrück.

Rassismus-Eklat in der 3. Liga: DFB fällt Entscheidung © Provided by Racism Eklat in the 3rd league: DFB falls decision

that canceled because of a racist insultment broken third ligament game between the MSV Duisburg and the VfL Osnabrück is repeated. (Data: Results and Schedules of the 3rd league)

"Football can be more» renounced candidate for DFB choice

 The women's initiative "Football can no longer want to nominate your own candidate for the choice of DFB president. © Sebastian Gollnow / DPA Almuth Training is one of the co-founders of women-iniative "football can be more». That said co-founders Katja Kraus and Almuth's training of the "time". The result was long ago, said the national team goalkeeper shoulder.

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This decided the Sports Court of the German Football Federation (DFB) on Thursday after a corresponding Application of both clubs. (Data: The table of the 3.Liga)

It was the first scoring for racism in German professional football. A catch-up date has not yet been set. (News: All current information on the 3rd league)

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Bierhoff sees FIFA at WM hosts Qatar in the duty .
Oliver Bierhoff is still against a boycott of the World Cup in Qatar. In view of allegedly 15,000 dead guest workers since the award in 2010, however, the DFB Director sees the world association in the duty. © Swen Pförner / DPA DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff. «If these numbers are right, they are of course frightening. Here, the FIFA is now demanded as an organizer and organizer of the tournament, to ensure education, "Bierhoff said the magazine" Stern ".

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