Sport: The COVID sets out at PSG

The Real Favorite Faced with PSG According to a Parisian Player

 The Real Favorite Faced with PSG According to a Parisian Player © provided by The PSG finally faced Real Madrid in the round of 16. The PSG can count on Kylian mbed, Lionel Messi and Neymar, fly over the league 1 and have been easily qualified for the rounds of the Champions League, the Capital Club does not leave Favorite From his double confrontation against the Real Madrid in the round of 16. This is at least the opinion of Ander Herrera.

Le gardien du PSG était titulaire à Vannes, le 3 janvier. © provided by The PSG Guardian was holder in Vannes on January 3rd.

and six. Gianluigi Donnarumma joined the ranks of positive tested in recent days within the PSG workforce. League 1 League revealed information on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after Vannes (0-4), synonymous with qualification for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France.

The Italian goalkeeper will have to follow the health protocol, like Lionel Messi (still in Argentina), Danilo Pereira, Sergio Rico and Nathan Bitzumazala. Juan Bernat, says PSG, has been declared negative Monday and Tuesday. The left side will resume training on Wednesday.

The PSG without mercy with the little ones ...

 The PSG without mercy with the little ones ... © Provided by Joy PSG in Coupe de France This is an PSG very diminished that will present on the lawn of the rapine against valves . South American players, at best just returned from vacation, will not be traveling to Morbihan and the Capital Club will also have to do without the players affected by Covid (Danilo, Bernat, Rico ...) or just from Back of injury (draxler). League 1 leaders will obviously be the large favorites of this confrontation against the Breton Club.

Depay and Barça, it feels the end January 4, 2022

Video: Mauricio Pochettino announces that Lionel Messi Uncertain Facing OL (Dailymotion)

Donnaumma, Monday night on the VOC lawn at the stadium From Rabine , could he contaminate his teammates before, during and after the meeting? That's what we can say. To the question, will he play Sunday in Lyon for the 20th day poster? The answer is no.

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ranking ???? @ gigiodonna1 has been tested positive at COVID-19. It has been placed at isolation and is subject to the adapted health protocol.

The tests made by Juan Bernat yesterday and today have proved negative. He will resume training tomorrow.

- Paris Saint-Germain (@psg_inside) january 4, 2022

Messi, the new courac? .
© Provided by It resumed training Tuesday but remains uncertain for PSG-Reims on Sunday. Once is not custom, Lionel Messi will not take Argentina during the improbable international window of the end of January. South American selections will play two matches of World Cup playoffs, while the European Championships will continue to play! And for good reason, the number 30 of the PSG has been stopped for almost a month.

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