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Sport: Lou Pernaut positive to Covid, his father Jean-Pierre Pernaut case contact? It answers the concerns

High rates of COVID-19 transmission challenging in-person learning, experts say

  High rates of COVID-19 transmission challenging in-person learning, experts say As COVID-19 surges nationwide, schools are reflecting the high rates of transmission. From shutting down in March 2020, to reopening and trying to stay open, the task has been varied and in some cases monumental.

Lou Pernaut positive au Covid, son père Jean-Pierre Pernaut cas contact ? Elle répond aux inquiétudes © Capture Instagram Lou Pernaut positive to Covid, his father Jean-Pierre Pernaut case contact? It responds to the recently returned concerns of a trip to the Maldives, Lou Pernaut revealed on its Instagram account have been positive tested at CVIV-19. And not to worry his fans, she gave some explanations, especially concerning her parents.

"A covided Saturday ..." for the end of his year 2021, Lou Pernaut put the course on the Maldives for a paradisiac trip. Every day, the daughter of Jean-Pierre PERNAUT and Nathalie Marquay unveiled with sublime photos of his family stay , where she celebrated Christmas. But a few days back in France, the young woman did not hide her fans her "fear" to return to metropolis, especially because of the pandemic of Covid-19 for several weeks with a number of record contaminations. But it will not have long fallen to Lou Pernaut to learn that she too, contracted the virus.

Death of the Canadian Director Jean-Marc Valley

 Death of the Canadian Director Jean-Marc Valley © Lisa O'Connor / AFP Jean-Marc Valley died suddenly at his home near the city of Quebec, according to the American media. The Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallée, author of the film "Dallas Buyers Club", died at the age of 58, announced Sunday his agency. "Rest in peace, Jean-Marc Vallée. The world is much less interesting without you," wrote the agency Hive Collective Communication on Instagram.

"I was aware of the risks"

on his Instagram account, Saturday, January 8, the young woman has learned to her subscribers that she had been positive tested, forcing her to stay confined to his apartment in Paris. Faced with the concern of some, especially vis-à-vis Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his fragile state of health, the journalist's daughter made a small focus. " I want to clarify, the loulous, that I was aware of the risks I took out (possibility of Choking Covid), whether going on or even at the coffee ..." , A-T -The thus specified, before revealing that she decided not to see her parents since her return from the Maldives. "And fortunately. Health is the most important " , she added, receiving the support of her mother. "Being sick like you, I want my darling, you are especially resting, and sorry for being able to be at your side " , wrote Nathalie Marquay.

How students are returning to school during newest COVID-19 surge

  How students are returning to school during newest COVID-19 surge Schools are welcoming students back to the classroom in-person and remotely amid the latest COVID-19 surge. School districts in every state are using a variety of approaches and precautions to determine the best way to keep children and staffers safe amid the nation's latest, and most significant, COVID-19 surge on record.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut has a caring

cancer, Lou Pernaut decided not to see his parents rather than expose them to a possible contamination to COVID-19. In particular, his father, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who recently revealed to be with an lung cancer. "I learned this disease last May, I suffered a first operation in early July, a treatment that has been going on for a few weeks" , had he revealed. If he has now finished his radiotherapy sessions, the journalist who left the JT of 13 hours a year ago regularly spent exams to take stock of his illness. "I absolutely do not want to control in December. I first want to go on vacation. I do not want to spoil my holidays still, like this summer. So, the winter holidays, we Share in the sun, and then in January, we will do a control ", he said, however, before settling the Maldives.

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