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Sport: Dodi Lukebakio: No goal for Wolfsburg, does it remain against Hertha?

Corona is now in a new way to the opponent in the Bundesliga

 Corona is now in a new way to the opponent in the Bundesliga you do not have to remember anyone, how long we have to beat around with the coronavirus pandemic. And how long the pandemic shapes the sport, the Bundesliga and Union. But during this time, always annoyed, that and as always the same things go wrong, it could give a new problem for the Bundesliga at a sporty level. © Provided by Textile Version Oli Ruhnert Must also consider the risk of many corona infections in his personnel planning. Photo: Matze Koch.

Price Quantity: Do you know how many goals Dodi Lukebakio (24) has shot this season? Exactly: one! For Hertha BSC on the second matchday at 1: 2 against - Wolfsburg.

  Dodi Lukebakio: Kein Tor für Wolfsburg, bleibt es auch gegen Hertha dabei? © Provided by Berliner Kurier

One week later, the Belgian went to the wolves on a loan until the end of the season. For the striker, the change has not been properly paid. For Hertha already. After all, a top earner is temporarily down from the salary list.

Herthas Sport Director Arne Friedrich says: "Dodi was able to collect international experience in Wolfsburg in the Champions League. This is good for its development. "But at 19 games for the VFL Lukebakio was only nine times in the starting elf and never met into the gate. That should stay that way today. But against the ex-club players should be particularly motivated ...

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Does Wolfsburg sell his goalkeeper? Weghorst, Burnley and a follow .
Wout Wirehorst has long been in my mind. The Dutch would like to go to the Premier League on goals in the Premier League in August 30. Now there are rumors around the FC Burnley. © Imago Images / Rhr-Photo leads his way to the Premier League this winter? Wolfsburg's Wout Wirehorst. So far, there were no offers for the changing Dutch now, so this club may not fit the ambitious plans of the Wout Wouthorst, who would like to play for one of the top clubs in England.

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