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Sport: Corona shocks DHB team: How is it going?

No Corona cases in German handballs - worries before EM grow

 No Corona cases in German handballs - worries before EM grow The German handball players want to get the finishing touch for the EM in two international matches against Switzerland and France. However, the top goal is: stay healthy. © Imago Images / Bildbyran How far is Germany at the EM? Johannes Golla and Alfred Gislason. Two test games are only at not yet infect! In view of the Corona cases to many EM participants, Germany's handball players are not just a sporting challenge in the hardware tests against Switzerland and Olympic champion France.

“I hope that I can return to the team as soon as possible and continue the tournament,” said Kühn. EM preliminary round without Kühn. In the preliminary round, the 28-year-old from Bundesliga club MT Melsungen is definitely no longer available for the DHB selection. The failure hurts, as Kühn had It is unclear where Kühn contracted the virus. “We’re not even starting to look for where he could have been infected,” said Kromer. In the first days of the EM, those responsible for DHB repeatedly emphasized the accurate implementation of all hygiene measures in Bratislava, which the sports director once

This was announced by the German Handball Federation ( DHB ) in the evening. According to Sportschau information, Paul Drux and Fabian Wiede from Füchsen Berlin are to travel to Bratislava on Tuesday as replacements. Drux initially decided not to take part in the European Championship because he did not feel fit enough after a knee injury. The affected quintet went into isolation and will play in the last group game against Poland on Tuesday (18.01.22, in the live ticker on may not be operational. For the German team , it is Corona cases three to seven.

was it now - or is there more? After a turbulent Monday, the German handball players look at the next hours with great concern and many question marks.

Bundestrainer Alfred Gislason (r) beim Training der deutschen Handball-Nationalmannschaft. © Marijan Murat / dpa National Trainer Alfred Gislason (R) during the training of the German Handball National Team.

seven players were already positive in the German team hotel in Bratislava on Corona. Five stewed actors nominated national coach Alfred Gislason still after late evening. Whether goalkeeper Johannes bitter, left outside Rune Dahmke, circular Sebastian Firer and the back room Paul Drux and Fabian Wiede can already be used in the final EM preliminary game against Poland, is still unclear. Just like much.

Single Room for German Handballers

 Single Room for German Handballers The German handballers have arrived at icy temperatures in their EM preliminary round game. Bratislava. © Sascha Klahn / DPA The DHB players are housed during the Handball European Championship in Bratislava. After the landing at the airport of the Slovak capital, the team of national coach Alfred Gislason drove by bus to her hotel in the city center. Immediately after arrival, players had to complete a PCR test. "Then we will relate the rooms.

How is the DHB team doing? So far the journey has been problem-free. Upon arrival at the airport Kairo International PCR tests were carried out on all passengers in the bus on the tarmac, after which everyone went into isolation. The German squad had already experienced firsthand how quickly it can go with an infection when several players were caught immediately after the European Championship qualification in Estonia in November. How is it tested, what happens to the infected? According to the latest developments, one thing is clear: Entry into the tournament bubble will be a

The shock news reached the DHB team less than 24 hours before the duel with Poland on Tuesday (6 p.m. / ZDF and in the live ticker on “The five players went into isolation in their single rooms. All other delegation members withdrew to their rooms in the team hotel in Bratislava immediately after the results became known,” wrote the DHB in a press release about the German corona cases three to seven. In addition to goalkeeper Wolff, backcourt player Kai Häfner, right winger Timo Kastening, left winger Lukas Mertens and playmaker Luca Witzke are affected.

What happened at all?

on Saturday night it started. The German Handball Council (DHB) announced that back room player was positively tested Julius Kühn positively. Gislason nominated the second league professional Hendrik Wagner, who arrived in Bratislava on Sunday - and was also positive. "I do not understand the world anymore," Wagner said that had no contact with DHB delegation. And the bad news did not tore. After another PCR test series on Monday, Kai Häfner, Timo Kastening, Lukas Mertens, Luca Witzke and Andreas Wolff were also having positive findings. Gislason reacted with postnonomies.

can the new players be used against Poland?

That is not fixed yet. Immediately after arriving in the team hotel in Slovakia, Bitter, Dahmke, Wiede, Drux and Firer must complete a PCR test on Tuesday. Only if there is a negative result until the kick-up, you may play. Whether the laboratories in Bratislava actually deliver the results within a few hours remains to be seen. Only on Monday morning DHB-Sports Executive Axel Kromer still had the laboratories to be slowed out of his view. In addition to the five post-nominated the remaining DHB delegation on Tuesday will once again take PCR tests.

Firer moves in formal DHB squad to

 Firer moves in formal DHB squad to shortly before the EM prelude of the German handball players, Sebastian Firer has also moved into the formal squad of DHB selection for the final round in Hungary and Slovakia. © Imago Images / Photo Bead has from now on EM opportunities: Sebastian Firer. Erlanger could still be used The circular runners from the Bundesliga club HC Erlangen is initially ready in the home on demand, but could be used by national coach Alfred Gislason in case of needed short-term.

Kühn went into isolation in the evening after the result became known. This means that national coach Alfred Gislason not only has to do without Kühn in the game against Austria this Sunday (6 p.m. / ARD) in Bratislava, but also in the last preliminary round game on Tuesday against Poland. “We hope that Julius doesn’t get sick now,” said DHB sports director Axel Kromer and explained that the MT Melsungen player would not be available again until a possible main round at the earliest. “He’s staying in his single room overnight. It ’s possible that he’ll have to move to a quarantine hotel tomorrow

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Are more positive results to be feared?

This can not be ruled out. Since several German players have already become infected, there could be more actors infected. But that's all gray theory. The fact is: Including the five post-nominated actors, Gislason is available for the game against Poland at timely (negative) PCR tests. Incidentally, the never played together in this constellation.

Why is the German team affected so strongly by Corona?

about it not only the national coach. Gislason had already said after the first positive test at Kühn, "I do not know where it comes from. Being better isolated and take care as we are hardly anyway. I do not understand how he could infect. " None in the German warehouse understands that. If boldly considered the one who had been the first positive, the virus may have born in the team hotel, is just as unclear as the question of whether the German players may be with their first European Championship games against Belarus and Austria infected. Such corona breakouts are not known from these teams so far.

DHB calls for faster corona test results

 DHB calls for faster corona test results The German Handball Confederation calls for the European Championship a rapid evaluation of coronate tests. © Getty Images Dissatisfied with the speed of test laboratories: Axel Kromer. EHF turned on "The laboratories do not work in the very high speed", DHB sports board Axel Kromer on Monday. "We wish that that go faster and have also discussed that with the EHF." After the positive corona case with back space player Julius Kühn, who is in the German preliminary round of Bratislava in quaranti

No date has been set for when the case will go to court, and it 's unclear whether a judge will allow it to proceed. The lawsuit is seeking million in general damages and million in punitive damages, plus legal costs. No statements of defence have been filed in the case. His guardian claims in the suit that the man doesn't have the capacity to understand pandemic health measures, which have "totally mentally devastated" him by depriving him of his routines and his social and emotional network. Another account is of a Mississauga woman who says she can't wear a mask because it triggers a traumatic

What is it about Poland?

Like the German team, the so far also twice victorious Poles are already qualified for the main round of the tournament. Nevertheless, the preliminary round is an immense meaning. Only the winner takes two points in the next tournament phase. After the Corona shock, the again completely newly formed German team is now the outsider in the game.

What is expected from the postnonomies?

except for fired people all travel with a lot of national team experience in Slovakia. In addition, they all played under Gislason, so they know the system and the ideas of the Icelander. The now 39-year-old bitter, world champion of 2007, has already experienced everything almost (almost) everything in his long career. But this situation is also new for the Routinian. Actually, Gislason had initiated a change in the national team. Now he has to use for experienced actors. The exit? Completely open.

Expensive Handball EM: DHB expects high additional costs .
The Corona-EM comes to the German handball folder expensive to stand. © Marius Becker / DPA DHB CEO Mark Schober. «The expenses are clearly above the plan. We have to work out exactly that in the way back, but I appreciate that the additional costs will be in the six-digit area, "said DHB board leader Mark Schober in an interview of the German Press Agency.

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