Sport: Here are the 2 European countries overweight champions: 65% of the inhabitants have an IMC greater than 25

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53% of adult Europeans are overweight. A high average, with regard to the risks that this poses for health, but far from that of two champions countries of the extra pounds, where 65% of the population has a BMI greater than 25.

Un homme qui mesure ses kilos sur une balance. © iStock a man who measures his pounds on a scale.

An adult is considered overweight when its body mass index (BMI), calculated according to its size and weight, is greater than 25 *. And if we rightly think, in Mexico and the United States, when we refer to the countries that suffer the most - 75.20% and 73.10% of their population are obese respectively, according to the last Data provided by the OECD - Europe is not left out.

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53% of Europeans have too high IMC

today, more than half of the inhabitants of the old continent are in Overweight, including 36% pre-obese and 17% obese. This is the finding drawn up by Eurostat, in an statement published last July on its platform. And it's not good news for health because the phenomenon has a considerable impact on the body. 44% of Cases of Type 2 Diabetes, 23% of heart disease and up to 41% of cancers are bound to an IMC too high, based on the official WHO data relayed by INSERM .

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Croatia and Malta, the most overweight European countries

if 53% of Europeans are overweight, this average hides many disparities between states. In Croatia and Malta, the rate reaches 65%. These two countries appear in first place in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and Slovakia. France, it is a good student, with a part of 47% of overweight inhabitants, just in front of Italy, which lasts last.

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