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Sport: nets to recover the waste thrown on the motorway between Mandelieu and Nice

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  Nets make a statement in win over Bulls Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash may have wanted to downplay the importance of his team's game against the Chicago Bulls, but the Nets played like they had something to prove. NBA League Pass: Sign up to unlock live out-of-market games (7-day free trial) Entering the game in Chicago, the Nets were just 0-8 against top-tier competition this season. Of the games played against 'top-tier competition' they had lost six of the eight by double-digit figures, and one of the losses in single-digits (Phoenix) they were down by as much as 22 before making a late run when the game was essentially over.

Des filets ont été installés sur le réseau d'eau de pluie provenant de l'A8, dans les Alpes-Maritimes, afin de récolter les déchets jetés par les automobilistes. Photo d'illustration. © Flockin / Pixabay nets were installed on the rainwater network from the A8, in the Alpes-Maritimes, in order to Raise the waste thrown by motorists. Photo Stock Illustration.

Vinci Highway has installed seven anti-waste fillets between Mandelieu and Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). They are placed at the exit of rainwater nozzles from the A8. The objective: to retain a maximum of wild waste to prevent them from being spilled into the sea and thus reduce pollution.

In order to reduce the pollution of the sea, Vinci Highways collaborated with an Mandelieu-la-Napoule company ( Alpes-Maritimes ). Seven anti-waste fillets were installed between the cities of Mandelieu and Nice , at the exit of rainwater nozzles on the course of the A8. They allow to harvest the waste thrown by motorists on the roads, reports France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur .

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"We recover here a lot of waste: Polystyrene, plastics, packaging, butts ... We have put in place these collectors so that this waste does not pursue their road to the sea» , explained Michael Malher, head of the district Nice Côte d'Azur Vinci highways, our colleagues. He said a single megot alone polluted several hundred liters of water.

We accompanied this morning the experienced operators of VINCI highways in an intervention of emptying a net anti waste.

An operation that lasted less than 15 minutes!

Many plastics, foams, pieces of polystyrene, masks Covid ..

- Pollustock France (@PolluStock) December 21, 2021

29 tons of waste collected each day

Teams of Vinci highways come empty the nets every two weeks. These double mesh fillets have been designed with a double lens: holding a maximum of waste, small or large, but also do not disrupt the flow of rainwater, indicates the local chain.

If their effectiveness has been proven, these filters fail to recover all the wild waste thrown on the highway. Every day, the carrier network agents collect 29 tonnes of waste abandoned on the road. "Everyone must become aware that in his car, he must act in the same way as at home" , confided Michael Malher to France 3.

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