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Sport: Mercato Barcelona-Real Madrid, the unexpected agreement

Soccer-Amnesty International urges Spanish clubs to take a stand in Saudi Arabia

  Soccer-Amnesty International urges Spanish clubs to take a stand in Saudi Arabia Soccer-Amnesty International urges Spanish clubs to take a stand in Saudi ArabiaReal Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao will compete in the revamped Super Cup in the Saudi capital Riyadh from Jan. 12-16 after the Spanish FA agreed a contract with the Saudis until 2029 that will earn the governing body 30 million euros ($34 million) a year.

rivals before the LORD, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, however, decided to agree on a crucial point in relation to transfers.

Laporta et Perez sont d'accord © Provided by Football 365 LAPORTA and PEREZ agree

that would be the Liga without the classico and the quarrels of chapels between the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid who enamelled its history? The opposition between the two historical clubs of Spanish football exists, however, much less at the level of their directions. And what just happened between Joan Laporta and Florentino Perez tends to confirm him since the two men sealed a kind of non-aggression pact.

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Real Madrid: Ancelotti incense ... The Barça

 Real Madrid: Ancelotti incense ... The Barça as an aperitif of the semifinal of Spain's supercove scheduled for this Wednesday between Barça and Real, Carlo Ancelotti sent flowers to Xavi. © Provided by Football 365 Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid) Carlo Ancelotti would attempt to rebuild and fall asleep Barcelona FC in the cajolting and brushing it in the direction of the hair? The hypothesis is not excluded, even if the Real Madrid coach comments made on Tuesday in a press conference seemed sincere.

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To find a little serenity in a more complicated economic context for them since the beginning of the health crisis, the duo of competing leaders has decided to show restraint about their respective players. Clearly, Real will not attempt to debauch a Barcelona until it will be under contract with Barça, and vice versa. Another point: Prohibition of intervening during contract renewal discussions to try to raise auction. Anyway, this famous pact (oral and non-writing) played full during the last Clasico.

United, but until when?

As Marca tells, when the supposed interest of Real Madrid for defender Blaugrana Ronald Araujo appeared in the press, Joan Laporta reminded Florentino Perez the contours of their agreement. The Madrid boss then denied any attempt to interference in the file. The moral pact therefore seems relatively fragile and the media validates this when talking about the case of Erling Haaland that the two entities aim and for which a bloody fight could declare. United against the Liga, nearby when there has been a question of creating a super league, Barcelona and Madrid seem decided to bury the ax of war. But for how long ?

Mercato: Bruno Guimaraes will leave OL this winter .
according to our information, Jean-Michel Aulas accepted the proposal of Newcastle United for Bruno Guimaraes. It will leave Lyon (OL) for 40 million euros © provided by 90min Bruno Guimaraes is expected to leave Lyon this winter | Eurasia Sport Images / Gettyimages Info 90min - According to our information, Bruno Guimaraes will leave Lyon during this winter mercato. A departure for 40 million euros on the Newcastle United side will thus come to materialize.

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