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Sport: Mercato: Nicollin Not sure to keep Savanier in Montpellier This summer

Blue: The uncertainties are multiplying before the world

 Blue: The uncertainties are multiplying before the world The France team will defend its title at the 2022 World Cup. Wence many players will have to settle their location in club. © Provided by Mercato 365 The Blues in the Uncertainty Four Years After winning the 2018 World Cup in Russia, The France team is preparing to defend its title. In 2022, the men of Didier Deschamps will have to do to achieve it and will have to shine from November 21st to December 18th on the Qatar side.

Teji Savanier could leave Montpellier this season.

Savanier est courtisé | Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages © Provided by 90min Savanier is courted | Eurasia Sport Images / Gettyimages

The sirens of major European clubs sing to Montpellier according to Laurent Nicollin. The President of the MHSC spoke on the case of his captain, Teji Savanier.

The Mercato does not spare the Montpelliérain Club. If recruitment has not been mentioned, sales they, yes.

I understand that the large club offers can make it reflect on Nicollin

The President of the Southern Club of France does not look safe that his captain will remain until the end of the season in the hex. In view of the performance of the field, these are not the shortcomings.

is in any case what to explain Laurent Nicollin for RTL France: "I want it to stay and I think it wants to stay. When people want, things are done. C 'Is my captain. But I understand that big club offers can make him think ".

The embarrassment of choice

Author of 6 goals and 5 decisive passes in the championship, the old Nîmon is estimated at 12m € in the transfer market. An amount that could do good at the club and is not overestimated when the player's quality.

If Sale There must be, no doubt that French 30 years will be spoiled for choice to decide on its base.

Handball: Villeminot True to MHB .
© provided by Handball - Montpellier: Villeminot Extends until 2025 Kyllian Villeminot remains true to his trainer club! The 23-year-old French half-center extended its contract on Monday with the Montpellier Handball, where he started his professional career in 2016, until June 2025. "I am very happy and proud to continue the adventure here. Playing the Montpellier Handball was a dream since small and this extension was naturally.

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