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Sport: Northern Korea Shot Cruise Missiles-Yonhap

Northern Korea recognizes a hypersonic missile test shot

 Northern Korea recognizes a hypersonic missile test shot © Kcna / Reuters Kim Jong One was present at the test of a hypersonic missile, in North Korea, January 11, 2022. The projectile Unidentified by North Korea, Tuesday, January 11, off its east coast was a missile carrying a "hypersonic hyperant ogive". The trial was supervised by the North Korean Leader Kim Jong One. This is the second test of this type from Pyongyang in less than a week.

North Korea / North Korea Drawn Cruise Missiles-Yonhap

Seoul, January 25 (Reuters) - North Korea shot Tuesday Morning What seems to be two cruise missiles off its east coast, reported the South Korean news agency Yonhap, citing military sources in Seoul.

The South Korean army analyzes the tests made by Pyongyang to determine the nature of the projectiles, added Yonhap.

No confirmation was given in the immediate future by the services of the Staff of the South Korean Army.

Northern Korea has proceeded since the beginning of the month to several series of missile tests, while the North Korean number Kim Jong-One called upon his new year's wishes to strengthening the country's military capabilities, Citing the security context on the background of impasse in discussions with the United States. (Report Jack Kim; French version Jean Terzian)

North Korea says it has tested long-range cruise missiles .
© North Korean tests this week included long-range cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles, according to a media. State Friday after a record number of launches since the beginning of the year. The Kim Jong leader has also visited a weapon plant, according to the KCNA Official News Agency, a week after Pyongyang had threatened to resume long-range nuclear and ballistic trials, paused from an auto moratorium -imposed in 2017.

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