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Sport: Handball: Bjarne Steinhaus leaves the HSG

Bug At the start of the Handball EM

 Bug At the start of the Handball EM with France and Croatia, two top teams are opposite on the 1st day of the Handball European State. Also Spain and Denmark are in use. © Provided by Knaller to the prelude The Handball EM It's finally going on: In Hungary and Slovakia, the 15th Handball EM rises from today and until January 30th. (News: Everything important to Handball) The two hosts start at 20.30 in the competition as the Corona-degraded top nations Croatia and France in direct duel.

The Siebengebirglers must draw their top gate in the 3rd league

Bjarne Steinhaus darf seine Wurfgewalt künftig in der 3. Liga unter Beweis stellen. © Olaf Pohl Bjarne Steinhaus may prove his throw power in the 3rd league.

It's a departure that hits the HSG Siebengebirge painfully: Backpart player Bjarne Steinhaus leaves the Handball Regionalligist at the end of the season. The 23-year-old crowd pleaser has adopted a contract offer of the Bergische Panthers and will be accompanied by the season 2022/23 in the 3rd league.

of the ex-Siebengebirgller Jamal Naji, which is always seen in the games of the HSG on the grandstand, destroys the throwing goalie to the leap in the nearest league. "He will find a different quality of auxiliaries, which will make many sword situations for him," says the current coach of the second division Tusem food. "A little time to acclimatize you have to give him. But Bjarne already brings a throwing arm as a weapon, as not many in the 3rd league. "

Corona shocks DHB team: How is it going?

 Corona shocks DHB team: How is it going? was it now - or is there more? After a turbulent Monday, the German handball players look at the next hours with great concern and many question marks. © Marijan Murat / dpa National Trainer Alfred Gislason (R) during the training of the German Handball National Team. seven players were already positive in the German team hotel in Bratislava on Corona. Five stewed actors nominated national coach Alfred Gislason still after late evening.

Neuer Inhalt (1) © Olaf Pohl New Content (1)

Stone-Built House, which is in the regional league scorer with 64 hits in third place, Looking forward to the chance: "I want to go the next step in my sporting development and find the perfect conditions for the Bergischer Panthern. Last year I have already participated there some training units and must say: Both the team and the responsible persons are just great. "

He also clearly sets" that the decision has been difficult for me. At the HSG, I'm not only part of a great team; I can practice my favorite sport with some of my best friends. By the end of the season, I will give everything for the league. "The latter is particularly important for coach Lars Degenhardt:" He carries the HSG in the heart and has established itself since its youth as a service provider. He will help us to keep the class. "It is also a club Ralf Röttgen sure:" Bjarne will bring full commitment to the final siren on the last matchday. "

and the sporting director Sebastian Hoffmann supplements:" The change is an award for his performance. Bjarne has developed outstandingly since youth and always convinced in all teams tactically, technically and playfully. That big clubs are drawn to the talents in the Seven Mountains is also a great confirmation for us as a club. "

Handball: Villeminot True to MHB .
© provided by Handball - Montpellier: Villeminot Extends until 2025 Kyllian Villeminot remains true to his trainer club! The 23-year-old French half-center extended its contract on Monday with the Montpellier Handball, where he started his professional career in 2016, until June 2025. "I am very happy and proud to continue the adventure here. Playing the Montpellier Handball was a dream since small and this extension was naturally.

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