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Sport: Saint-Etienne thinks of a Greek

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 Movie Tip: It starts picturesque. Leda Caruso (Olivia Colman), Professor of Italian literature and mother of two adult daughters, depends on a small Greek island. She wants to continue working on her book and of course treat a little rest. And so the sun radiates over the tiny bay by the sea, which is speckled with a handful of beach chairs and umbrellas. About it a cloudless blue sky, nothing stirring in this idyll. Leda goes swimming, can be done in the waves. Reads an book of Dante, makes notes.

Clément Michelin serait sur la short-list des Verts Championship Defender Supplied by Clement Michelin would be on the

Greens Green Shorts are activating to attract a reinforcement at the tip of the 'attack but not only. Pascal Dupraz, the new coach of Stéphanoic training, has repeatedly entrusted that he wanted to recruit a reinforcement on the right flank of his defense before the end of the winter mercato. After having definitively abandoned the track leading to Marcel Tisserand , the defender of Fenerbahçe SK, the Forez Club decided to mount new files.

Video: Mercato Express: PSG not interested in Dembélé! (Dailymotion)

AS Saint-Etienne would be in particular in the footsteps of the French international, Clement Michelin. Arrived at The AEK Athene last summer, from the RC Lens against 1 million euros, the Frenchie knows well Pascal Dupraz for evolving under his orders during his passage to Toulouse. The Greens hope to be lean Clement Michelin until the end of the season.

The sublime clichés of French corals of French photographer Alexis Rosenfeld wear hope for the planet .
Alexis Rosenfeld, underwater photographer and explorer, leads the program "1 ocean" in partnership with UNESCO. He is engaged with his team in a ten-year-old campaign, aimed at documenting the seabed into photo to alert the dangers that threaten the planet.

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