Sport: Hertha BSC talked a lot and trained-now acts have to follow

all-clear according to tumor-surgery: Hertha expects Hertha BSC to be available again with a soon-to-be reversal of judges

 all-clear according to tumor-surgery: Hertha expects Hertha BSC to be available again with a soon-to-be reversal of judges Marco Richter (24). After its tumor surgery, no chemotherapy is necessary. © Picture Alliance / Nordphoto GmbH / Engler Good news: Marco Richter does not have to undergo chemotherapy. no follow -up treatment. After the tumor diagnosis last week, the attacker can soon return to the field.

It has happened a lot since the Hertha column had said goodbye to the summer break. In my previous column on June 1st, the heading was called three weeks before the exciting freestyle of a new Hertha President: "Despite all criticism: Klaus Wowereit would be the perfect president for Hertha BSC". Well, from Wowereit (SPD), which I had brought into play as a possible candidate, Frank Steffel (CDU), who was clearly inferior in 2001 when the ruling mayor of Berlin Wowereit was elected in 2001.

  Hertha BSC hat viel geredet und trainiert – jetzt müssen auch Taten folgen © provided by Berliner Kurier

Steffel now went again as a loser from the "place" because the only 41-year-old Ur-Herthaner Kay Bernstein-yes, you can say that to such a young man-in the favor of the Hertha- Members stood significantly higher than opposite candidate Steffel. After his somewhat surprising election, the owner of a communication and event agency was served as a boss from one TV station to another.

Torunarigha in an interview: "The coach wants me to lead the team to"

 Torunarigha in an interview: Farewell from Berlin after 16 years: Jordan Torunarigha (24) talks to the kicker about the task at Kaa Gent, the Belgian League, Hertha, Sandro Schwarz And the topic of national team. © Imago/Belga New, old workplace: Jordan Torunarigha continues for Kaa Gent. Defender about his change from Hertha to Gent from Hertha's training camp in Burton Upon Trent reports Steffen Rohr The Belgian Supercup final against the series master FC Bruges lost the Kaa Gent on Sunday without him 0-1.

The reason: his unique selling point. He is the first president of a Bundesliga club who once left his mark on as a fan and ultra - even as a vendor of the eastern curve in the Olympic Stadium near Hertha. However, that was over 15 years ago. Last week I had the opportunity to talk to amber for a long time.

was the 14-year-old for the first time in 1994 in a Hertha game in the Olympic Stadium. In the course of our conversation, I found that we both experienced many events around Hertha BSC at the same time-Bernstein from the curve perspective of the young glowing trailer, I as a seasoned reporter.

The new President primarily wants to combine all the currents in the club, many recently disappointed members with honest communication, strengthen identification with Hertha, finally make the club more complex and down -to -earth - and of course sporting success. Several high hurdles must guaranteed to overcome Bernstein and have staying power.

fines for Hertha and Bayer

 fines for Hertha and Bayer The sports court of the German Football Association (DFB) has fined the Bundesliga clubs Hertha BSC and Bayer Leverkusen. © provided by fines for Hertha and Bayer Frankfurt am Main (SID) - The sports court of the German Football Association (DFB) has fined the Bundesliga clubs Hertha BSC and Bayer Leverkusen. The capital club has to pay 27,000 euros due to misconduct by its fans.

but not only the president is new, but also head coach Sandro Schwarz and numerous professionals. I don't want to be in the skin of sports director Fredi Bobic, who has to hit the transfer on the transfer market with financially manageable means. A transfer surplus of over 20 million euros is to be generated. That comes the same.

is also the team captain. Trainer Schwarz determined the 30-year-old defender Marvin Plattenhardt, who once played seven international matches, the new captain. The man with the "golden" left foot played a significant part in the fact that Hertha was able to celebrate the 130th club birthday on Monday as a first division. In the decisive second relegation game at Hamburger SV, "Platte" was one of the outstanding players and scored the redeeming 2-0 with a sophisticated free kick.

What do I expect from the new season? At the club level, no more withdrawn marketing campaigns, instead the return of the team to the neighborhood, open communication and cohesion of the bodies. In terms of sport, coach Schwarz has to form a group that deserves the name "team" or "collective", which brings fans 100 percent behind with a fighting spirit.

is therefore goalkeeper Rune Jarstein Hertha's winner of summer

 is therefore goalkeeper Rune Jarstein Hertha's winner of summer Hertha fans love him, they suffered with him and keep his fingers crossed for him. Goalkeeper Rune Jarstein (37) is back after corona disease with heart muscle inflammation and knee surgery. For the Norwegian, this season preparation after his 15-month suffering was the absolute endurance test. Jarstein is Hertha's main winner of the summer, even though he only sits on the bench and is not in the goal. © provided by Berliner Kurier “My fitness is very good now.

on Sunday (6 p.m.) Hertha has to travel to second division promoted Eintracht Braunschweig at the start of the season in the DFB Cup. This duel allows me all alarm bells, because on September 11, 2020, Eintracht in the cup was the same opponent in the first game of the season. Hertha lost 4: 5 with coach Bruno Labbadia! What a Tohuwabohu! Previously, all three test games had been lost. Hertha under Schwarz has now ended all three tests in England with defeats ...

A fact at the end that is also sad: Hertha legend Pal Dardai is no longer an employee of the association. His contract was terminated and a stately severance payment was paid. Also in the young academy there was no place for the man who said he had blue and white blood. President Kay Bernstein also demands a new farewell culture for meritorious Herthaner. At Dardai you should start with it.

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