Sport: moderator passed out at TV duel around Boris Johnson's successor: That could be the reason

Rishi Sunak holds lead in UK prime minister race heading into final vote

  Rishi Sunak holds lead in UK prime minister race heading into final vote Former British Minister of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak leads the race to replace United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the fourth round Tuesday, heading into the final vote from the Conservative members of Parliament on Wednesday. Minister of State for Trade Policy Penny Mordaunt remained in second with 92 votes, and former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss remained in third with 86 at the end of Tuesday's vote, according to the Associated Press. Kemi Badenoch, a lesser known conservative member of Parliament, was eliminated after receiving the lowest amount of votes.

on Tuesday, July 26th, the moderator Kate McCann was passed on during a television debate between the conservative top candidates Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak live on television .

Moderatorin wird bei TV-Duell um Boris Johnsons Nachfolge ohnmächtig: Das könnte der Grund gewesen sein © provided by Gentside Moderator, with TV duel around Boris Johnson's successor: That could have been the reason What happened?

The program The Sun's Showdown: The Fight for No.10 is moderated by journalist Kate McCann. Actually, the political editor of the Sun, Harry Cole, should modernize the show, but he was tested positively on Covid-19.

Truss and Sunak discuss taxes, the condition of the NHS (health authority) and the increasing cost of living, as reported by the BBC . After about half of the one -hour debate, Truss is starting to answer a question about the support of the United Kingdom for Ukraine, when a loud crash can be heard. Truss seems shocked, hands his hands in front of the face and calls "Oh my god". She approaches the point where McCann stood when the live broadcast is suddenly interrupted.

2 contenders battle for Conservative votes in UK leader race

  2 contenders battle for Conservative votes in UK leader race LONDON (AP) — The two candidates to become Britain’s next prime minister began a head-to-head battle on Thursday for the votes of Conservative Party members who will choose the country’s new leader. Former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak is promising fiscal prudence, while Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is offering immediate tax cuts to the right-of-center governing party, which is divided and demoralized after three turbulent years under departing Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Sunak and Truss were chosen Wednesday by Conservative lawmakers, from an initial field of 11, as finalists to replace Johnson, who quit as party leader on July 7 after months of ethics scandals.

The broadcaster takes up the transmission minutes later, but switches to another studio where the moderator Ian Collins says that there was a "medical problem", as Sky News reports. He says:

Allen is fine, that's the good news. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are still in the studio to chat with the readers: to chat inside and to answer the questions.

A spokeswoman for the Sun says according to Sky News:

There was a medical problem, we hope that we can go on the air again soon.

Conservative Leadership Debate Cancelled Afters Faints Live on Air

- BBC News (UK) (@bbcnews) July 26, 2022

The debate will be not continued. The broadcaster TalktV says in an explanation, as The Independent reports:

Kate McCann passed on the air tonight, and although she was doing well, we were advised not to continue the debate. We apologize to our spectators: inside and listener: why did she pass?

The NHS psychologist and moderator Dr. Sian Williams tweets that the fainting attack could have been caused by the studio light or stress, but this has not yet been confirmed.

United Kingdom: Some conservative activists already regret "Bojo"

 United Kingdom: Some conservative activists already regret © AP - Peter byrne British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Commonwealth Business Forum in Birmingham, England, Thursday July 28, 2022. Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, The two candidates for Prime Minister were in the meeting in Leeds this evening Thursday, July 28 to convince conservative activists. Within the party, a petition is currently circulating to include Boris Johnson in the list of finalists, and allow the inserts to vote for him.

Firstly @Kateemccann - I’ve so #fainted Live on Air.

Secondly Yes, it's the Lights etc But #FAINTING IS A Biological Determined Response (Like Freeze, Flight, Fight, Fright) that We May Exhibit During .

SO - And This To All - How Your Body Responds is not your fault

- Dr sian Williams (@sianwilliams100)

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