Sport: Jackpot! New York Islanders buy 25,000 Mega Millions lottery tickets

Mega Millions Jackpot Soars Past $600 Million, Now Fifth-Largest in History

  Mega Millions Jackpot Soars Past $600 Million, Now Fifth-Largest in History The prize isn't the largest in the contest's history but draws closer to a $1 billion ticket drawn in Michigan last year.The lottery's organizers announced Wednesday that the jackpot has continued its upward climb after no ticket matched all six numbers drawn a day earlier. If a Mega Millions ticket does line up with the numbers drawn Friday, it'll be the biggest amount since a ticket in Michigan won a $1 billion prize last year.

The New York Islanders purchased $50,000 worth of Mega Millions lottery tickets, and if the NHL team holds a winning ticket from the estimated $1.28 billion jackpot, they plan to distribute the money among full-season ticket holders, suite holders, staff and the Islanders Children's Foundation.

The Islanders ordered 25,000 total tickets as Mega Millions hits its second-biggest prize in the lottery's history. If the overall winnings from the lottery tickets are below $250,000, the team will donate the complete amount to the Islanders Children’s Foundation.

The Islanders, which opened a new arena in Elmont Park, New York this past season, are gearing up for the franchise's 50 season. The team began play in the 1972-73 season and won four consecutive Stanley Cup from the 1979-80 season through the 82-83 season.

Powerball Numbers for July 23, 2022, Saturday's Jackpot Was $119 Million

  Powerball Numbers for July 23, 2022, Saturday's Jackpot Was $119 Million Saturday night's July 23, 2022 Powerball jackpot was worth $119 million, with a cash-value option worth $69.2 million. The total jackpot could increase depending on the number of tickets sold around the country prior to the drawing. There was no grand prize winner on Monday. The big winner on Saturday night was a player in Florida who matched the first five white balls, and minus the red Powerball, winning the game's second prize, valued at $1 million. Another 12 ticket holders picked the numbers on four white balls plus the Powerball, for which each won $50,000.

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"As we prepare for our historic 50th anniversary season, we want to show our appreciation for our Islanders Season Ticket Members and staff and give them a chance to participate in this massive Mega Millions drawing," said Islanders Co-Owner Jon Ledecky. "Revenue from lottery tickets is dedicated to education in New York State, so no matter what happens in today's historic drawing, important funds have been generated for education in the state, which supports our fan base and their families."

No one wins U.S. Mega Millions, jackpot now over $1B

  No one wins U.S. Mega Millions, jackpot now over $1B DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A giant Mega Millions lottery jackpot ballooned to $1.02 billion after no one matched all six numbers Tuesday night and won the top prize. The new estimated jackpot will be the nation’s fourth-largest lottery prize. The jackpot has grown so large because no one has matched the game’s six selected numbers since April 15. That’s 29 consecutive drawings without a big winner. Tuesday’s numbers were: 07-29-60-63-66, Mega Ball: 15.The $1.02 billion prize is for winners who choose the annuity option, paid annually over 30 years. Most winners opt for the cash option, which for the next drawing Friday night is an estimated $602.5 million.

The Islanders ordered the tickets through the third-party lottery ticket buying app Jackpocket, which the team has also partnered with.

"We're excited to work with the New York Islanders, a long-time partner, to leverage the widespread attention that the lottery is getting for the good of the community this week," said Pete Sullivan, CEO and founder of Jackpocket.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Jackpot! New York Islanders buy 25,000 Mega Millions lottery tickets

States hope for revenue boost with Mega Millions craze .
A bump in college scholarships for New Mexico students. A new bike trail nestled in the western slope of Colorado. More homeless shelters in Arizona. When lottery sales soar, players holding the golden ticket aren’t the only ones who win. Across the U.S., state lottery systems use that money to boost education, tourism, transportation and much more. Now that the giant Mega Millions lottery jackpot has ballooned to more than $1 billion, state officials are hoping increased national interest in securing the top prize will result in more funding for their own causes.

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