Sport: Watzke: "Nobody can want the total removal"

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in a big kicker interview before the Bundesliga start (Monday edition), Hans-Joachim Watzke talks about the central themes of German football.

Äußerte sich unter anderem zur 50+1-Regel: Hans-Joachim Watzke. © IMAGO/MIS commented on the 50+1 rule: Hans-Joachim Watzke.

DFL supervisory board head warns the clubs to fight the German cosiness

Watzke, DFL supervisory board chief and managing director of Borussia Dortmund, expressly praises the work of the industry leader FC Bayern-but remains clearly in the discussion about the 50+1 rule Confrontation course with the Munich CEO Oliver Kahn. He also urges the German professional clubs to leave their own comfort zone in order to ensure the international competitiveness of the Bundesliga sustainably.

As early as 2022/23: UEFA tilts standing ban in the European Cup

 As early as 2022/23: UEFA tilts standing ban in the European Cup Success for the initiative "Europe Wants To Stand": From this season there will also be standing room again at games in European club competitions. © Imago Images / Lackovic Banner of the "Europe Wants to Stand" initiative in the fan block of Bayern.

The Kicker Bundesliga special issue - now in retail

"In Germany it will not work in the long run if we make ourselves comfortable too quickly," Watzke formulates. "Not in business. Not in everyday life. And not in football either. We have to fight against it." Among other things, when it comes to marketing abroad, according to the 63-year-old multifunctional. The league "honestly didn't really start to exploit our potential properly".

Specifically, Watzke floats: "If we want to increase our proceeds abroad sustainably and to a significant extent, then we cannot avoid showing presence. At the end, this means that from next season every Bundesliga club and numerous second division are actually invited, Just go out into the core markets. In the USA, to Asia, maybe at some point to Australia, as FC Liverpool has now done. Jürgen Klopp and his team will get on the plane for 23 hours. This is the way. We as Borussia Dortmund will also go on tour again in the future. Just like the Munich team, for which you can only praise them. "

Lewandowski gone, but Bayern Munich looks even stronger

  Lewandowski gone, but Bayern Munich looks even stronger BERLIN (AP) — Even with Robert Lewandowski leaving, Bayern Munich is getting stronger. The 10-time defending champions have not only signed two outstanding forwards to replace the Barcelona-bound Lewandowski, they have also embellished the squad with a host of other youngsters. Senegal forward Sadio Mané has arrived from Liverpool to help make up for Lewandowski’s 35 goals in 34 Bundesliga games last season, while Bayern also agreed to pay up to nearly $30 million to Rennes for French teenager Mathys Tel last week.

"The abolition of 50+1 would trigger deep faults"

resistances against such a strategy, he registered among club representatives, adds Watzke. And countered: "If you are honest, that would be the program for the total removal of the Bundesliga. Nobody can seriously want that. You can't be sealed off nationally in the times of globalization." Especially since the economic competitive disadvantage compared to the state and oligarch clubs, especially the Premier League, has grown again as a result of Corona pandemic.

The abolition of the 50+1 rule in Germany remains a taboo for Watzke: "Democratic participation, as has been practiced in clubs since hundreds of years, is so deeply rooted in our society that abolition would cause deep faults. It would be much more expensive for the fan, I don't want that. Football is still in Germany in Germany. Third, nobody could refute me that a 50+1 club can be just as successful. Even if some people laugh at it, When I call Real Madrid a 50+1 club. But these people simply didn't recognize what is important. " Namely: "Real is a 50+1 club that fulfills all associated rules. No matter where and how many sponsorship money flow. -Club, just like Eintracht Frankfurt. "

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan reveals plan for Deebo Samuel after contract extension

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Position of FC Bayern "not understandable and not stringent"

that FC Bayern - for example in the person of CEO Oliver Kahn and Honorary President Uli Hoeneß - has recently questioned the maintenance of 50+1 once again, Watzke describes as "incomprehensible" And "not stringent".

I m large kicker interview in the print edition on Monday (or here in the Emagazine ) Watzke also expresses the view of his recognition for RB Leipzig, existing guarantees for the 50+1 exceptions in Leverkusen, Wolfsburg and Hoffenheim More excitement in the championship fight and the work of DFL boss Donata Hopfen and DFB President Bernd Neuendorf. At the same time, in connection with the impending energy crisis in autumn, he warns of a new symbol discussion about professional football and explains why the public would have had to "wake up" much earlier with a view to the World Cup award.

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