Sport: browser and operating systems in July 2022: Windows 11 sits Windows 7 in the neck

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Windows 11 is about to overtake Windows 7 with the number of users. In any case, the current statistics of the provider Statcounter show it.

As usual, these numbers are to be enjoyed with caution, since Windows 11 is difficult to recognize about the browser -based statistics, Google still does not dare to do this in its service.

In July, the long -running Windows 7 was even able to increase its shares minimally, but Windows 11 grew much stronger and is only in third place.

Otherwise, as usual, there is very little movement. "Best of the Rest" at the browsers remain across platforms Safari and on the Desktop Microsoft Edge.

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below the statistics with the respective changes to the previous month.

operating systems in general Android 44.71% +0.56 Windows 27.83% -1.17 iOS 17.88% +0.44 MacOS 5.37% -0.19 other/unknown 4.21% +0.36 Operating systems Desktop Windows 75.21% -12 MacOS 14.51% -0.13 Linux 2.76% +0.34 Chrome OS 1.50% -0.21 other/unknown 6.02% +1.12 Distribution of Windows Windows 10 72.22% -1.23 Windows 7 11.96% +0.42 Windows 11 11.77% +0.81 Windows 8.1 2.87% +0.04 Windows 8.0 0.66 % -0.01 Windows XP 0.38% -0.01 Other 0.14% -0.02 Browser General Google Chrome 65.12% -0.75 Safari 18.86% +0.25 Microsoft Edge 4.11 % -0.02 Mozilla Firefox 3.29% +0.03 Samsung Internet 2.95% +0.08 Opera 2.12% +0.01 Other 3.55% +0.40 browser desktop Google Chrome 66.14 % -0.79 Microsoft EDGE 10.86% +0.22 Safari 8.97% +0.04 Firefox 8.07% +0.27 Opera 3.07% +0.09 Other 2.89% +0, 17 DRWindows visitor statistics

Our in-house statistics based on Google Analytics, it mixed up in July. I am not yet sure what exactly happened, but I don't think that a lot has changed with our users.

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operating systems Windows 10/11 51.35% +5.46 Android 23.81% -1.29 iOS 13.24% -1.42 Windows 7 5.55% -2.17 MacOS 4.47% -0, 38 Linux 0.86% +0.15 Windows 8.1 0.74% +0.11 Windows XP 0.14% +/- 0 Windows 8.0 0.11% +0.02 Windows Vista 0.06% +0.01 Browser Google Chrome 41.71% +5.07 Microsoft EDGE 16.65% +2.77 Mozilla Firefox 16.18% +1.53 Safari 15.64% -2.37 Android WebView 5.44% -6.78 Opera 1.80% +0.02 other 2.58% -0.24


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