Sport: Legislative in Senegal: The negotiations begin, 3 deputies at the center of the game

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L'hémicycle de l'Assemblée nationale sénégalaise à Dakar (image d'illustration) © RFI/Guillaume Thibault The hemicycle of the Senegalese National Assembly in Dakar (Illustration image)

The legislative elections barely finished, the game of political alliances begins in Senegal. According to the provisional results published Thursday, August 4, the two main coalitions are in the shoulder and none of these camps therefore obtains the absolute majority in the National Assembly. The game of negotiations will therefore open and all eyes are turned to 3 deputies, who come from Beno Bokk Yakaar or Yewi Askan Wi. These 3 figures may well have the role of king's makers.

These are three deputies who probably did not expect to be at the heart of politics. Thierno Alassane Sall alternative for a rupture assembly, Pope Djibril Fall of servants and Pope Diop from Bokk Gis Gis.

Legislative in Senegal: the opposition and the presidential camp claim victory

 Legislative in Senegal: the opposition and the presidential camp claim victory in the aftermath of the legislative elections in Senegal, the opposition ensures that it has obtained "a comfortable majority" in the National Assembly, while the presidential camp claims victory . The opposition said on Monday, August 1, having obtained "a comfortable majority" in the National Assembly, shortly after the claim of the victory by the presidential camp of the legislative elections on Sunday in Senegal .

These three deputies, however isolated, can indeed change the absolute majority of the new National Assembly: Macky Sall therefore needs a voice, the opposition of three. If they displayed themselves as opponents of the head of state during the campaign, nothing is nevertheless frozen in a country where electoral transhumance is recurrent.

Thierno Alassane Sall, intimate and ex-minister of energy from Macky Sall distanced himself from the president in 2017. The former mayor of Dakar, Pape Diop, also, in 2018, he declared: "Macky Sall governs as a despot ”. Coming from the new generation, journalist Pape Djibril Fall entered politics.

But these three deputies, who have therefore taken their distance from the head of state, are not in good terms with the opposition leader Ousmane Sonko who accused them at the end of the campaign to work for Macky Sall ”.

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 heat wave: Where to cool off in the cities of France? © Reuters - Zohra Bensemra Senegal: pending the results of the legislative elections of July 31, which must be announced this Thursday, August 4, the two coalitions in the running claimed the victory. In Senegal, new verbal game yesterday at night, on the eve of the proclamation of official results of the legislative elections last Sunday, which is scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 5 p.m. (Tu) at the Dakar courthouse.

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The verdict of the ballot boxes therefore rebatates the cards on the Senegalese political chessboard with an opposition which rises to power. And the game of alliances was not long in coming. On the opposition side, Lamine Thiam - The National Agent of Wallu Senegal - was clear: these coalitions beat campaign on the same themes as them. "We therefore call them to build up with us to be in the majority together in the National Assembly," he said by stretching their hands.

Discussions are in any case underway within the coalitions of these three deputies to establish the procedure to follow and respond to the tense hands. Thierno Bocoum, spokesperson for an alternative for an assembly of rupture of Thierno Alassane Sall, explains that no final decision has been taken for the moment. "We are from the opposition and we will not join the Macky Sall camp. But that does not mean that we will make an alliance with the other coalitions, ”he specifies. These political negotiations could last: the new assembly will not be installed until next September.

What analysis of the result of these legislative elections where the coalition of President Macky Sall prevails with a very short head with 82 seats out of the 165 that the National Assembly has? This is to say the least about a big disappointment for power, says Mamadou Lamine Sarr, teacher researcher in political science at the Virtual University of Senegal.

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