Sport: Krösche to Eintracht-Debakel: "Naive played"

Bundesliga: Voting: Kostics Juve change understandable?

 Bundesliga: Voting: Kostics Juve change understandable? Filip Kostic is likely to switch from Eintracht Frankfurt to Juventus and thus end a long change of change. But is his departure understandable? © provided by SPOX Filip Kostic won the Europa League with Eintracht Frankfurt in May 2022. only details can be clarified, then changes Filip Kostic from Eintracht Frankfurt to Juventus in the series A. more with SPOX "Finale Talks": Kostic change is said to Sport 13 million euros in a fixed transfer to Hesse.

Eintracht Frankfurt sports director Markus Krösche has had a clear criticism of the team after the 1: 6 debacle of the Hesse at the Bundesliga start against record champions Bayern Munich. «We played too naive football in the first half. There are a few tactical rules that we have to keep, we didn't do that, »complained Krösche. "It is okay that we absolutely want to score a goal, but we still have to stay in order and must not lose control."

Markus Krösche, Sportvorstand von Eintracht Frankfurt. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/archive picture Markus Krösche, sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt.

It is now important to quickly process the game and learn from the mistakes. "We see if we are not at 100 percent and do not adhere to the tactical guidelines, such a result comes out," warned Krösche. Already next Wednesday in the Supercup final with Champions League winner Real Madrid is the next top-class player. "The boys have to act controlled, calmer and clever," said Krösche.

coach Oliver Glasner was also disappointed with the appearance of the Europa League winner-especially in the first half. “We were overwhelmed with the pace, had no access and could not arrive against one-touch football. We are often only afterwards. I couldn't correct that from the outside, »said Glasner. His conclusion: "I saw a lot of passion, but also a lot of naivety."

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