Sport: Hamilton: Hope Vettel has inspired the young generation

Vettel-Father: That was the low point

 Vettel-Father: That was the low point Sebastian Vettel's father, the fiasco in Austria sees as a co-trigger for his son's decision-making. © provided by Vettel-Vater: That was the low point after the resignation of Sebastian Vettel has now spoken to father Norbert-and reminds a bitter day that a co-triggers for the decision of his Son was. “That's a shame, but I understand him. That was an incredible career of my son and the low point was Austria, ”said Vettel Senior at RTL/NTV .

Lewis Hamilton dankt Sebastian Vettel für seine Einsatzbereitschaft und hofft, dass die jüngeren Fahrer ihn nachahmen © LAW1 Lewis Hamilton thanks Sebastian Vettel for his operational readiness and hopes that the younger drivers will imitate him

Lewis Hamilton that Sebastian Vettel's efforts, on topics outside of Formula 1 To draw attention, be an example for young drivers to use their platform for "something much, much bigger".

The four-time Formula 1 World Champion

Vettel announced before the Grand Prix of Hungary that he will step down at the end of the 2022 season and will end his 15-year-old career in Formula 1 .

Together with Hamilton, Vettel has been a leading voice for topics outside of Formula 1 in recent years, whereby he was particularly committed to the climate crisis and environmental problems with which the world is currently confronted, as well as for topics such as LGBTQ+rights and activism against racism .

Hamilton: Sebastian Vettel is "exceptionally"

Formula One launches campaign to drive out fan abuse

  Formula One launches campaign to drive out fan abuse BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Formula One and its drivers launched a campaign Saturday to stamp out abusive behavior from fans at races and online. Abusive behavior from spectators overshadowed the Austrian Grand Prix two weeks ago and fans — particularly women — used social media to make F1 aware of rampant harassment, sexism, racism, and homophobia. Sergio Perez called for lifetime bans and team principal Christian Horner agreed that a zero tolerance policy is needed. World champion Max Verstappen told The Associated Press in an interview this week that increased security can help and that F1 and race promoters should do more to address the problem.

Hamilton hopes that Vettel's efforts to speak in recent years would help inspire the next generation of drivers, to inspire their public reputation through Formula 1 in a similar way to use.

"Ultimately, I think that we are generally often on our shoulders of sizes from the past, be it in this sport or in other sports," says Hamilton.

"I really hope that he will inspire the next generation. Be it this or the younger generation that will move up so that it uses her platform more confidently and realizes that it is not just about her and her car."

Hamilton: Vettel will continue to be "great"

"There will be a lot, much bigger than being here. I really hope that we will see more people like him. But I can't guarantee that because I think so He is exceptional, "says the Mercedes pilot.

Sebastian Vettel in the points: "Not perfect, but pretty good"

 Sebastian Vettel in the points: © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin Amr22 at the Grand Prix of Hungary was "Okay overall", says Sebastian Vettel in place Ten at the Hungary Grand Prix on the Hungaroring near Budapest. But because Vettel, coming from starting place 18, saw the chance on the last few meters in the Aston Martin Amr22, which also gave up another position, he also describes his performance as "not perfect, but pretty good". because Vettel wanted to past Alpine driver Esteban Ocon at the very end.

Vettel has been director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) since 2010 and serves as a key figure to discuss the safety standards of Formula 1 and work for the drivers. Some of his colleagues have hoped that Vettel will continue to perform this function even after his racing career ended.

Hamilton says he does not know what Vettel had planned for his life after Formula 1, but is confident that the German will be "great when he works as he did here with the courage and the courage sheer determination he has. "

Hamilton: Hopefully it was not a waste of time

After Vettel's resignation, only Hamilton, Sergio Perez (Red Bull), Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and Fernando Alonso (Alpine) will be in the starting line -up that races already run ten years ago.

Despite the rejuvenation of the starter field, Hamilton rejected the assertion that Formula 1 would be worse if the established guard and experienced world champions such as he and Alonso would no longer compete.

"We hope that our work will lead Formula 1 to a better place," says Hamilton. "This is the work that I tried to do. And what Seb tried here is really to spark fire, to initiate conversations in order to leave the place as a better sport when it was when we found it . "

"I think SEB played a major role in this and there is still a lot to do. I don't know if he will work more, whether he will continue working in the background with sport or not. I doubt that he will come back and comment, but you can never say! "

"But yes, I hope that [the sport] is in a better place. If not, it would have been a terrible waste of time," analyzes the seven-time Formula 1 world champion.

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