Sport: Bremens Fritz thinks Kruse's subscription from Wolfsburg is possible

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Max Kruse leaves Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg this summer? Clemens Fritz, head of professional football and scouting at Kruses Ex-Club Werder Bremen, considers this to be quite possible. He believes that the former striker plays with this thought, said Fritz at the football talk show "Sky90" on Sunday: "Max has the right to play with his quality."

Clemens Fritz. © Picture Alliance/Carmen Jaspersen/dpa/archive image Clemens Fritz.

Under Wolfsburg's new coach Niko Kovac, Kruse, who only switched from Union Berlin to the Lower Saxony last winter, lost his regular place for the time being. Also in the 0-2 defeat on Sunday with record champions Bayern Munich, the 34-year-old was only on the bench in the first half. According to Fritz,

could also lead the relationship between Kovac and Kruse to a separation. He believes that the VfL coaching team "attracts the reins" - and that the Kruse, known as a free spirit, could have its problems with it: "He needs his long leash."

a return to Bremen, where Kruse played at the beginning of his career and then played extremely successfully between 2016 and 2019, Fritz concluded: "We can use its quality well, but are also economically limited."

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Max Kruse brings unrest to the Niko Kovac team. That's why the 34 -year -old difference has to go - says Sport1 columnist Tobias Holtkamp. © provided by Kruse must go: Otherwise Kovac will get problems on the first three match days, VfL Wolfsburg scored two points. Weak and too little. , especially among the opponents, were already both promoters who could have won the games.

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