Sport: Bundesliga: Eintracht board wants to offer fans new formats

Super Mario? Bruchhagen has a skeptical manner at Götze Douben

 Super Mario? Bruchhagen has a skeptical manner at Götze Douben Heribert Bruchhagen, in contrast to many German football fans, sees the obligation by WM-Held Mario Götze through Eintracht Frankfurt. © provided by Super Mario? Bruchhagen has the commitment of World Cup hero Mario Götze by Europa-League winner Eintracht Frankfurt, in contrast to many German football fans, at Götze Doubt ex-club boss Heribert Bruchhagen. “I always read in the media how great it is, Super Mario. But I prefer to assess a player at the end of a season.

Frankfurt am Main-Axel Hellmann (51), the board spokesman for Eintracht Frankfurt , sees new visual habits of fans opportunities for the Bundesliga .

Eintracht Frankfurts Vorstandssprecher Axel Hellmann (51) möchte sich am Mittwoch ins DFL-Präsidium wählen lassen. © provided by Tag24 Eintracht Frankfurt's board spokesman Axel Hellmann (51) would like to be elected to the DFL Presidium on Wednesday.

"We are used to looking at 90 minutes linear and fully concentrated. But that alone will no longer be the format of the future, neither nationally nor internationally," the 51-year-old told the " Kicker ".

In the future, the fan expects more complex and small -scale formats that would be played over a wide variety of platforms, said Hellmann. "We are only at the beginning of a change process," he added.

suddenly celebrated again

 suddenly celebrated again Borussia Mönchengladbach puts a brilliant start to the season. One of the winners under the new coach Daniel Farke is Marcus Thuram. © provided by Suddenly celebrated again confident trophy success in round one and 3: 1 for the Bundesliga start against TSG Hoffenheim -after a season to forget, Borussia Mönchengladbach under the new coach Daniel Farke prevails Again.

The Eintracht board wants to be elected to the DFL Presidium at the General Assembly of German Football League on Wednesday in Dortmund.

With fresh digital offers, the Bundesliga can score according to Hellmann, "because we can offer the international fan more than just top sports: a high authenticity, passion and enthusiasm. We have to transport this more."

Axel Hellmann does not think of building its own DFL platform according to

of the Frankfurt top official to build up its own platform for a "global moving image offer". This would open up "completely new opportunities through direct access to the fan".

For this long -term project, however, investments are initially necessary, which Hellmann put on "a three -digit million amount in the total". For this, the DFL partners must win. According to

Hellmann, healthy and sustainable growth is still possible for the Bundesliga. However, he also warned: "Without a significant strengthening of international attractiveness, the Bundesliga product would be permanently in a downward spiral."

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