US: The Hurricane Fiona in the Dominican Republic after having touched Puerto Rico

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Un homme avec son fils est vu sur la plage de Nagua, en République dominicaine, le 18 septembre 2022, avant l’arrivée de l’ouragan Fiona à travers le pays © Erika Santelices / AFP A man with his son is seen on the beach of Nagua, in the Dominican Republic, September 18, 2022, before the arrival of the Hurricane Fiona across country

after touching Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona is now in the Dominican Republic this Monday, September 19. In Puerto Rico, the tropical storm spent at the status of Hurricane has caused significant damage and private residents.

The Hurricane Fiona touched land on Monday, September 19 in the Dominican Republic on Monday, September 19 after crossing the American island of Puerto Rico where it caused major damage and private electricity.

Puerto Ricans Fear Extended Blackout After Hurricane Fiona

  Puerto Ricans Fear Extended Blackout After Hurricane Fiona SAN JUAN, P.R. — Michelle Rivera trudged slowly up the stairs of her apartment building, stopping to collect her breath and regain the strength to carry one more gallon of water to her home on the eighth floor. It was Friday, the sixth day of a power blackout in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona. “I’m so tired,” said Ms. Rivera, 41, as she prepared to spend another night in the dark. “Exhausted of going up and down.” The rank smell of rotting“I’m so tired,” said Ms. Rivera, 41, as she prepared to spend another night in the dark. “Exhausted of going up and down.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), "The eye of Hurricane Fiona landed along the Coast of the Dominican Republic, near Boca de Yuma" around 07:30 GMT, with winds of 144 kilometers per hour.

The NHC clarified on Twitter providing sustained winds that can blow up to 150 km/h. "Floods that can endanger lives are likely to occur in areas located in the east of the Dominican Republic" , according to a local NHC point (9:00 GMT).

Public and private services closed for

day before the arrival of Fiona in the Dominican Republic, President Luis Abinader announced that public and private services are closed on Monday. The island has placed 13 of its 32 provinces in the north and east, on a red alert.

Strong rains began on Sunday evening to fall in Nagua (north), a coastal city of around 80,000 inhabitants located in one of the regions declared on red alert.

Will Puerto Ricans leave to the mainland US after Hurricane Fiona?

  Will Puerto Ricans leave to the mainland US after Hurricane Fiona? Puerto Rican migration to the U.S. mainland soared after Hurricane Maria. Will Hurricane Fiona and lingering economic strife bring another wave?Hurricane Fiona struck the U.S. territory Monday, killing four, triggering mudslides and crushing bridges while displacing more than a thousand and leaving more than a million residents without power.

Sunday, Fiona went from the status of tropical storm to that of Hurricane of category 1, at the bottom of the scale of Saffir-Simpson, and fell at 3:20 p.m. local (7:20 pm GMT) on the southern coast -Way is Porto Rico near Punta Tocon, carving winds blowing up to 140 km/h. President Joe Biden said the state of emergency for Puerto Rico.

Fiona notably caused landslides, drops trees and electric lines, rendered impracticable roads and led to the collapse of a bridge in the city of Utuado, in the mountainous region located in the center of the island said Governor Pedro Pielisi at a press conference on Sunday evening.

No electricity or drinking water in Puerto Rico

the entire territory of Puerto Rico, which has more than three million inhabitants, was deprived of electricity as the hurricane approach, a- he added. At the same time, some 196,000 people were deprived of drinking water.

In the city of Utuado, a family saw the zinc roof of their house fly away, as in 2017 during Hurricane Maria, according to local media.

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Monday, Puerto Rico's electricity company indicated on its website having "relaunched certain circuits" , without giving figures on the number of people again supplied.

In Puerto Rico, the NHC warned that sudden rains and floods devastating would continue to strike the island.

Fiona will remain an "catastrophic event because of the consequences of the floods" in the central mountain region, in the east and the south of Puerto Rico, tweeted Pedro Pierluisi, adding that 23 to 33 cm of rain had fallen in just five hours.

Ancient Spanish colony, Puerto Rico, which became American territory at the end of the 19th century before acquiring a special status of "associated free state" in the 1950s, has experienced serious infrastructure problems for several years.

The island had been devastated in 2017 by Hurricane Irma and Maria who had seriously damaged its electricity network. He was then privatized in June 2021 with the aim of solving the problem of power cuts. However, the island experienced a general breakdown in April 2022.

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damage a dead man and damage to Guadeloupe

the depression should be strengthened before taking the direction of the North to the Atlantic Ocean, according to the NHC. Tropical storm conditions are expected in the Turkish-and-Caican Islands and in the south-east of the Bahamas by end of the day or Tuesday morning.

Fiona had already caused serious damage during her visit to Guadeloupe on the night of Friday to Saturday. In places, the water had increased by more than 1.50 meters. A man died there, swept away with his house by the waves of a flood river.

With the warming of the ocean surface, the frequency of the most intense hurricanes, with more violent winds and greater precipitation, increases. In particular, they weigh an increasing risk of coastal communities.

Puerto Rico hurricane survivors remain hopeful and skeptical after Biden’s visit .
In Puerto Rico, President Joe Biden's visit to pledge help after Hurricane Fiona was seenas important but residents wondered if it will have an impact on recovery.Mercedita International Airport in Ponce, where the Bidens landed, was submerged under brown water just two weeks ago when Hurricane Fiona brought heavy rains that caused a nearby river to burst out of its bank and flood the area with 6 feet of water.

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